Conference Educational Materials – 2001
Annual Spring Meeting

A Guide for Acquiring Businesses in Bankruptcy - Leonard P. Goldberger and Harvey L. Tepner

Direct Examination - Dillon Jackson

Role of the United States Trustee - Maureen A. Tighe and Joel Pelofsky

Central States Bankruptcy Workshop

Chapter 13 Current Issues - David Andersen, Lisa Gocha, James D. Gregg, Mary K. Viegelahn and Julie Teicher

New UCC Article 9 - It's Here and You Cannot Avoid It Any Longer - James J. White, William I. Kohn and Robert H. Skilton

Hawai'i Bankruptcy Conference

Direct Examination - Dillon Jackson

Dischargeability - Richardo I. Kilpatrick Cases - Patrick L. Huffstickler, Elizabeth J. Keig, Kristi Nickel and Thomas Rice

Recent Case Review – Chapter 13 - Hon. Judith K. Fitzgerald

Section 365 Issues - Michael P. Richman, Ford Elsaesser and Hon. Eugene Wedoff

The Fundamentals of Buying Assets in Bankruptcy - Nancy A. Peterman, Benjamin Lee Nortman and Evangelos J. Gegas

New York Bankruptcy Conference

Bankruptcy Legislation in 2001 - Non-Consumer Issues - Michael P. Richman, Rick B. Antonoff, Hon. Stuart M. Bernstein and Harold Bordwin

Commencing a Bankruptcy Case Without Board Approval - David Green and Constantine Pourakis

Northeast Bankruptcy Conference

Bankruptcy Rule 2014 - No Space for an Odyssey - Victor G. Milione and Daniel Sklar

Bankruptcy Tax Issues for the Consumer Debtor - Frederick C. Emery, Jr., Henry E. Geberth, Jr. and Thomas P. Quinn

Break Up Update - Mary Ellen Welch Rogers

Chapter 13 Under the New Bankruptcy Bill - Hon. J. Michael Deasy and Jeffrey A. Schreiber

Compositions and Trust Mortgages - Bruce F. Smith and Howard P. Blatchford, Jr.

Covenants Not to Compete - Douglas Gooding and Jackie Gardina

Employee Claims in Bankruptcy - Colleen A. Murphy

Non-Bankruptcy Alternatives - Matthew J. McGowan

Non-Debtor Releases in Chapter 11 Reorganization - William R. Baldiga, Andreas Andromalos and Peter A. Gibbons

State Wage Laws and Bankruptcy - Douglas Gooding and Jackie Gardina

Rocky Mountain Bankruptcy Conference

Investment Banking Program

A Guide for Acquiring Business in Bankruptcy - Leonard Goldberger and Harvey L. Tepner

Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop

Advanced Consumer Litigation - Hot Topics - Hon. David W. Houston III, Judy D. Thompson and Steve C. Olen

Automatic Stay Violations - Robert Alan Byrd

Bankruptcy Issues in the Construction Industry - Hon. A. Thomas Small and Harley Riedel

Fundamental Plan and Confirmation Issues - Deborah Williamson, Robert M. Fishman and Brian Shaw

The Binding Effect of Confirmation - Hon. John E. Waites and Elisabetta G. Gasparini

Southwest Bankruptcy Conference

Squeezing Blood from Turnips: Tax Issues in Bankruptcy Matters - Robin Phelan, Stephen Pezanosky and Jennifer Graff

Winter Leadership Conference

Hotel Bankruptcies - David Neff

Revised UCC Article 9: Issues for Debtors and Creditors - Mark V. Bossi, Lawrence R. Ahern III, Lynnette R. Warman and Prof. G. Ray Warner