Conference Education Materials - 2004
Annual Spring Meeting

Law Offices of A. Lavar Taylor - Charles F. Rosen

The Tax Practice Clinic - Morgan D. King

Valuing a Distressed Business - William Q. Derrough

Evidence Exchange - Michael Prounis

Recent Developments - Roger Whelan

A Case for Necessity - Jeffrey N. Pomerantz

SEC Enforcement Strategies - William R. McLucas

In re: Allegiance Telcom, Inc. - James D. Newbold

Companies and Employees Square Off - Babette A. Ceccotti

Bankruptcy Battleground West

Lenders In Possession - Sheri Bluebond

Lenders In Possession II - Sheri Bluebond

New Developments - Michael H. Goldstein

Central States Bankruptcy Workshop

The Subjective Test: How Far From The Baseline is Still Ordinary - H. Buswell Roberts, Jr., Nathan A. Hall

Chapter 7 Trustee Ethics Issues - Hon. Steven Rhodes

New York City Bankruptcy Conference

Zone of Insolvency - Stuart A. Gollin

How We're Fixing Up Tyco - Eric M. Pillmore

Rocky Mountain Bankruptcy Conference

Integrated Estate Planning - Barry S. Engel

Brief of Appellant Handleman Company - James H.M. Sprayregen

Section 363 and the Emperor's New Clothes - Douglas W. Jessop, Theodore J. Hartl

Kmart Corporation - Court of Appeals - Frank H. Easterbrook

Brief for Amicus Curiae Submitted by Meridian Retail, Inc. - Erwin I. Katz; Matthew T. Gensburg; Kevin D. Finger

Brief of Appellant Handleman Company - Consolidated Appeal - James H.M. Sprayregen; Sheryl L. Toby; Andrew J. Gerdes

Handleman Company's Response to Appellee's Motion to Dismiss - James H.M. Sprayregen; Sheryl L. Toby; Andrew J. Gerdes

Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop

Have Reorganization Plans Become Dinosaurs? - C. Ray Mullins; A. Carter Magee, Jr.; Kenneth W. Mann

Southwest Bankruptcy Conference

Feasibility Battle Workshop - Harlin D. Hale

Thinking Through Your Mediation - Dillon E. Jackson

Avoiding Pitfalls in Bankruptcy - James S. Starzynski

Current Developments - Laurel E. Davis

Northeast Bankruptcy Conference

Trading in Claims - Stephen H. Case

Fraud Investigations - Juval Aviv

The 363 Sale - Jo Ann J. Brighton

Mountainside Chat - Joan N. Feeney

Eligibility for Chapter 13 Relief - Matthew J. McGowan

Discharge & Dischargeability of Divorce Obligations - J. Michael Deasy and Joshua E. Menard

Winter Leadership Conference

Tenancy by the Entireties - Judith Greenstone Miller

Looking Under the Hood - Randolph J. Haines

Supreme Court Review - Edward Janger

Federal Receivership - Kay Standridge Kress,

Government/Federal Receivership - William A. Brandt, Jr.

Valuation in Bankruptcy - Melissa Kibler Knoll