Conference Educational Materials - 2007
Winter Leadership Conference

BAPCPA in the Courts: How Judicial Interpretation of the New Provisions Affects Your Cases - Joseph Samet, Patti H. Bass, Robert N.H. Christmas, Hon. Bruce A. Markell and Hon. Thomas F. Waldron

Committee: Bankruptcy Litigation/Commercial Fraud Task Force (Joint) - Hon. Barry Russell, Jordan W. Siev, Brian C. Walsh, Cyrus Noshir Pardiwala and Deirdre A. McGuinness

Committee: Bankruptcy Taxation/Consumer Bankruptcy (Joint) - Ken C. Weil, Henry E. Hildebrand and Willis B. Douglass

Committee: Financial Advisors/Investment Banking/Professional Compensation/Public Companies and Claims Trading (Joint) - Prof Stephen J. Lubben, C.R. "Chip" Bowles, Gerald A. Shapiro, J. Scott Victor, Keith J. Shapiro, H. Slayton Dabney, James D. Decker, Peter M. Gilhuly and M. Steven Liff

Committee: Real Estate/Young & New Members (Joint) - Jeffrey L. Hubbard, Leslie Ann Berkoff, Joseph H. Smolinsky and Heidi Jan Sorvino

Committee: Technology and Telecommunication Cases - H. Jason Gold, Ray C. Schrock, Jeff Pirrung, Neil Gilmour III and Guy A. Davis

Ethics, E-mail, the Web and the Blogosphere: Rules and Values for Practice in Cyberspace - Terri L. Gardner, Hon. Samuel L. Bufford, Prof. Paula Franzese, Will Hornsby and J. Charles Mokriski

Individual Chapter 11: The New "Small Business" Option? - James T. Markus, Barry Lefkowitz, Patricia A. Redmond and James Patrick Shea

Presentation of the Landmark ABI Fee Study: Conclusions and Ramifications - Michael P. Richman, C.R. "Chip" Bowles, John Wm. Butler Jr., Prof. Stephen J. Lubben, Deirdre A. McGuinness, Prof. Nancy B. Rapoport, Hon. Wesley W. Steen, Albert Togut and Clifford J. White III

Subprime Paradigm: Lessons on Maximizing Value from the Subprime, 1031 and Servicer Cases - Lawrence E. Young, John Anderson, Melanie L. Cyganowski, Jeffrey W. Dulberg, Hon. Linda B. Riegle and Eric Sagerman

Supreme Court Year in Review (and in Prospect): Judges' Roundtable - Hon. Eugene R. Wedoff, Hon. Dennis R. Dow, Hon. Joan N. Feeney, Hon. Judith K. Fitzgerald and Hon. Jim D. Pappas

Trying Valuation (on a Budget): Consumer Case Examples - Dillon E. Jackson, Ford Elsaesser, Richardo I. Kilpatrick, Claire Ann Resop and Hon. Steven W. Rhodes

Detroit Consumer Program

Means Test Calculating - Hon. Eugene R. Wedoff

Litigating the Presumption of Abuse under § 707 - Karen E. Evangelista, Samuel G. Firebaugh, Jill Gies, Hon. Phillip J. Shefferly and Hon. Eugene R. Wedoff

Secured Claims in Chapter 7 and 13 - Krispen Carroll, Michael P. Hogan, Kim Rattet and Charles J. Schneider

New Options When Facing Foreclosure - Marcy Ford, Jo-Ann Goldman and Diane Mitchell

Consumer Case Management for Debtors' and Creditors' Attorneys - Carl L. Bekofske, Yuliy Osipov, Hon. Steven W. Rhodes, David Ruskin and Brian J. Small

International Insolvency Symposium - Berlin

America Now! - Keith J. Shapiro, Robert N. Dangremond, Henry S. Miller and Prof. G. Ray Warner

Germany Calling: Tips for German Practitioners - Dr. Christof Schiller, Dr. Eberhard Braun, James L. Garrity Jr., Dr. Martin Prager and Deborah D. Williamson

The Automotive Industry: The Problems Continue - The German Perspective - Dr. Joachim Englert, Wilhelm Becker, Matthias Gotz, Paul Melville and Martin Schwarzer

Georgetown: Views from the Bench

Distressed Debt and Related Issues: Disclosure of Purchase Price; Rights Offerings; Make-Whole Provisions; Pension, Health and Medical Claims - Jay M. Goffman; Deirdre A. McGuinness; Hon. Kevin J. Carey; Hon. Robert D. Drain and Hon. Gregg W. Zive

Ethics: Disclosure and Disinterestedness; Carve-Outs; Disgorgement of Professional Fees; Rules of Professional Conduct - Richard M. Meth; Jeffrey L. Tarkenton; Hon. Wendelin I. Lipp; Hon. S. Martin Teel and Hon. Michael G. Williamson

Inter-Debtor and Inter-Creditor Issues: Inter-Company Claims; Substantive Consolidation; Conflicts; Settlement and Dispute-Resolution Techniques; Role of Ad Hoc Committees - Marc Abrams; Kristin K. Going; Hon. Judith K. Fitzgerald; Hon. Arthur J. Gonzalez and Hon. Kevin R. Huennekens

Southwest Bankruptcy Conference

Current Developments in Commercial Case Law - Hon. Leif M. Clark; Daniel S. Schechter and Evan D. Smiley

Executory Contract Issues in Commercial Cases - Jon L. R. Dalberg; Scott F. Gautier; Hon. Dana L. Rasure and Bradley D. Sharp

First This Way, Then That Way - Conflicting Interpretations of BAPCPA - Hon. Eileen W. Hollowell; Kathleen A. Leavitt and Clair Ann Resop

Liquidating Agents and Examiners and Ombudsmen, Oh My! - Hon. Redfield T. Baum; Ilene J. Lashinsky; Kenneth N. Peterson and John C. Weitnauer

Small Business 11 Workshop - Steven M. Berman; Jonathan A. Carson; Hon. Bruce A. Markell and Lenard E. Schwartzer

We, The People: Planning for the High-End Individual Filer - Joseph A. Eisenberg; Ford Elsaesser and Prof. G. Ray Warner

What Happened to My Money? Restructering of Lenders and Loan Servicers - Thomas J. Allison; Edward Burr; Michael H. Goldstein and Jeffrey W. Dulberg

What You Need to Know about Fraud, Restructuring and Liquidation in the Hedge Fund Industry - Juval Aviv; Van C. Durrer II; Jeff J. Marwil; Henry R. Ritter and Stuart Sybersma

Complex Financial Restructuring Program

Presenting the Case Study - Lorie R. Beers; Saul E. Burian; James D. Decker and Peter S. Kaufman

Team 1 Presentation: Advisors to the Second Lien Lenders - James D. Decker; J. Scott Victor; Howard Brod Brownstein; David S. Heller and Mitchell E. Drucker

Team 2 Presentations: Advisors to the MAHI Noteholders - Lorie R. Beers; William Q. Derrough; Patrick T. Collins; Dion W. Hayes and Joseph Catalano

Team 3 Presentations: Advisors to the Private Equity Sponsor/Debtor - Peter S. Kaufman; Flip Huffard; Niv Harizman; Daniel C. Stewart and Michael P. Keller

Mid-Atlantic Bankruptcy Workshop

Choose Me! Ethical Considerations in Solicitation of Creditor Committee Engagements - Kelly Beaudin Stapleton, Edward T. Gavin IV, Mark A. Gittelman, Steven K. Kortanek, Lawrence E. Oscar and Kenneth A. Rosen

BAPCPA Solutions: KERPs, MIPs and Workarounds - Hon. Christopher S. Sontchi, Gregg Galardi, Bruce Grohsgal, J. Scott Victor and Joel M. Walker

Anything but Bankruptcy, Revisited: A Nonbankruptcy Case Study - Hon. Donald H. Steckroth, Brett D. Fallon, Robert Alan Kargen, Andrew C. Kassner and Gary Schildhorn

Insult to Injury: Preferences and Avoidances Update - Hon. Stephen Raslavich, Jack B. Fishman, Anne Marie P. Kelley, Geraldine E. Ponto and Robert J. Stearn, Jr.

Workers of the World, Unite! Pensions, Union Issues and MEPA Liability - Hon. David H. Adams, Leon R. Barson, Michael L. Bernstein, Tobey M. Daluz and Paul M. Singer

Problems in the Code - Hon. Wendelin I. Lipp, Michael G. Gallerizzo, Samuel J. Gerdano, F. Thomas Rafferty, III and Craig B. Young

Consumer Bankruptcy: Is BAPCPA Working? - Hon. Gloria M. Burns, Isabel C. Balboa, Alane A. Becket and Erin Brignola

Bring Me Your Tired, Your Poor... Chapter 15 and Cross-Border Bankruptcy - Hon. Kevin J. Carey, Louis T. DeLucia, Stacey Hightower, James L. Patton Jr. and Joseph Zagraniczny

Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop

Complex Chapter 11 Developments - John C. "Kit" Weitnauer, Matthew Doheny, Robert B. Glenn and Hon. Cecelia G. Morris

Ethics in the Real World - Lucian T. Pera and Hon. Douglas O. Tice, Jr.

Outside of Court/Outside the Box - Judy D. Thompson, Robert M. Fishman, Charles M. Ivey, III and Mindy A. Mora

Business Bankruptcy Developments - Hon. Laurel Myerson Isicoff and Hon. A. Thomas Small

Scams and Schemes: Fraud in the Marketplace - Leanne Gould, Soneet R. Kapila and Harris Bryan Winsberg

Troubled Industries - The Next Wave of Chapter 11s - Brett H. Miller, Ronald F. Greenspan, Michael Leo Hall and Peter L. Tourtellot

Consumer Bankruptcy Developments - Hon. Laurel Myerson Isicoff and Hon. A. Thomas Small

Post-BAPCPA Issues for Attorneys Representing Individual Chapter 11 Debtors - C.R. "Chip" Bowles, Hon. Stan Bernstein, Hon. David T. Stosberg and Felicia Burda

Litigation in Bankruptcy Court: 2007 and Beyond - Dion W. Hayes, Hon. C. Ray Mullins and Charles W. Throckmorton

Northeast Bankruptcy Conference and Consumer Forum

"E-Discovery" - Ira L. Herman, Paul Brabant, Jay S. Geller and Hon. Elizabeth S. Stong

ABCs, Receiverships and Other Nonbankruptcy Vehicles for Turnarounds, Workouts and Liquidations - Daniel C. Cohn, Geoffrey L. Berman, Stephen S. Gray and Hon. Enrique S. Lamoutte

Automatic Stay Pitfalls and Pointers under BAPCPA - Peter C. Fessenden, Mark P. Cornell, Michelle C. Davenport, Hon. William C. Hillman and Matthew J. McGowan

Bankruptcy Litigation Workshop - James M. Wilton, Hon. Gerardo A. Carlo, Hon. Melanie L. Cyganowski and Andrew Z. Schwartz

Beyond Notes and Security Agreements - Financial Instruments and Financial Industry Transactions: What Do They Look Like, and How Do They Work? - John J. Monaghan, Michael J. Pappone, Hon. Joel B. Rosenthal, Edwin E. Smith and Shmuel Vasser

Dockside Chat - Hon. Joan N. Feeney and Hon. James F. Queenan

Ethical Considerations in Insolvency Cases - Beyond Conflicts - Daniel C. Cohn, Moderator; Hon. James B. Haines, Jr.; Richard L. Levine and John O. Mirick

Evidentiary Hearing Advocacy - Patricia Antonelli, Hon. J. Michael Deasy, Christopher Lefebvre and F. Bruce Sleeper

Health Care Reorganizations - Jennifer L. Hertz, Alex F. Mattera, James J. Tancredi and Hon. Brian K. Tester

Income Tax Consequences of Common Commercial Bankruptcy Transactions - Keith D. Lowey, Richard P. Finkel, Hon. Robert E. Gerber, Steven M. Notinger and Elisa M. Sartori

Intercreditor Agreements - Strategies for Negotiation and Enforcement - Mark N. Berman, Jennifer Doran, Hon. Judith K. Fitzgerald and Robert A. Miller

Issues, Trends and Ethical Problems in Chapter 7 Cases under BAPCPA - Lisa A. Geremia, Mark G. DeGiacomo, Phoebe Morse and Hon. Eugene R. Wedoff

Preparing the Chapter 11 Case: Where to Begin? - Jennifer Rood, James Berman, Daniel S. Bleck, Laurence E. Sax and Hon. Mark W. Vaughn

Too Close To Call - Confirmation Requirements of a Chapter 13 Plan - Carolyn A. Bankowski, Hon. Colleen A. Brown, Jeffrey A. Kitaeff, John F. Sommerstein and Tara Twomey

Views from the Bench - Supreme Court Year in Review - Bruce A. Harwood, Hon. Colleen A. Brown, Hon. Joan N. Feeney, Hon. Judith K. Fitzgerald, Hon. Robert E. Gerber and Hon. Elizabeth S. Stong

Central States Bankruptcy Workshop

Alternatives to Chapter 11: Receiverships, Operating 7s, Mortgage Trusts and More - John C. DiDonato, Gregory J. Jordan, Timothy F. Nixon and Hon. Phillip J. Shefferly

Avoid Professional Liability in Commercial Cases: Aiding and Abetting Client Wrongdoing and Other Liability Risks - Jeffrey A. Hokanson, Hon. Thomas J. Tucker, C. Daniel Motsinger and Nancy D. Terrill

Cash-Flow Statements, Budgets, Financial Reporting: Watch Out for the Catches - Hon. John E. Hoffman Jr., Alan D. Lasko, Barry P. Lefkowitz and Ralph E. McDowell

Disposable Income and the Means Test: What Do They Mean? - Thomas J. King, Hon. Pamela Pepper, Steven L. Rayman and David S. Yen

Filing a Consumer Case: Pesky Prerequisites - John E. Gierum, Frederick M. Luper, Brian J. Small and Hon. John H. Squires

Litigation Skills - Consumer: Valuation, Evidence, Burden of Proof - Hon. Basil H. Lorch III, Kelly A. Myers, Lauren Newman and Mark H. Shapiro

Ouch! Administrative Insolvency and Disgorgement of Fees - Case Strategies - Richard S. Lauter, Judith Greenstone Miller, Hon. Steven W. Rhodes and Gary A. Wencel

Pension and Legacy: New Laws and Old Obligations - Mark Berkoff, Gary W. Burns, Hon. Philip Klingeberger and Shawn M. Riley

Reaffirmation: The Ground Rules Have Changed - Elizabeth M. Abood-Carroll, James J. Burns, Jr., Stuart A. Gold and Hon. Mary Ann Whipple

Secured Creditor Rights in Consumer Cases - Joseph A. Baldi, Hon. James D. Gregg, Richardo I. Kilpatrick and Richard D. Nelson

Supply Agreements and Other Hot Contract Issues: Adequate Assurance Demand, Does Cure Mean Cure and More? - Donald S. MacKenzie Jr., Hon. Marci B. McIvor, Patrick Mears and Norman B. Newman

Using Your Business Litigation Skills - Get in Your Experts and Support Your Values - William T. Bodoh, Susan Grossman Gordon, Hon. John H. Squires and Michael P. O'Neil

New York Bankruptcy Conference

Buying Low, Selling High, and Getting out of Dodge - Ira L. Herman, Hon. Stan Bernstein, Saul E. Burian, Marc Lasry and Randall R. Lay

Chapter 15s under BAPCPA - Lindsee P. Granfield, Hon. Arthur J. Gonzalez, Kurt A. Mayr, James E. Millstein and Karen E. Wagner

Confidentiality in Bankruptcy (Part 1 of 3) - Scott L. Hazan, David I. Pauker, Hon. Elizabeth S. Stong and Andrew M. Troop

Developments in DIP Lending and Restructuring Finance - Thomas M. Canning, Kenneth Buckfire, Marc Kieselstein and Hon. James M. Peck

Getting Even: Who Sues Whom? - Jonathan L. Flaxer, Hon. Raymond T. Lyons, Joseph Samet and Sanford P. Rosen

Holding Co./Operating Company Ethical Issues in Large Chapter 11s - Matthew Cantor, Hon. Robert E. Gerber, Todd R. Snyder and Albert Togut

Intercreditor Issues in Restructurings of First-Lien/Second-Lien Debt - My Chi To, William Q. Derrough, Hon. Robert D. Drain, Matthew A. Feldman and Peter S. Kaufman

Intersection between Bankruptcy and Securities Law - Marc Abrams, Alistaire Bambach, Hon. Stuart M. Bernstein, Daniel Kramer and Jeffrey S. Sabin

Management Compensation - Corinne Ball, Hon. Carl L. Bucki, Philip C. Dublin, Jeffrey W. Levitan and Margot Beth Schonholtz

Recent Developments in Bankruptcy Jurisdiction - Alec P. Ostrow, James L. Garrity Jr., Hon. Martin Glenn and Robin E. Keller

Annual Spring Meeting

"And Throw Away the Key": Eligibility Issues in Consumer Cases - David Allard, Roberta A. DeAngelis, Hon. Susan V. Kelley and James F. Molleur

Bankruptcy Litigation and Ethics Committees (Joint) - Hon. Barry Russell, Karl Schaffer and Steven R. Skirvin

Bankruptcy Taxation Committee - Stephen M. Brecher, Matthew Schwartz and David Howard Stein

Business Reorganization and Finance and Banking Committees (Joint) - Suzanne S. Palmer, David S. Lorry, Peter V. Pantaleo and Hon. James M. Peck

Consumer Committee - Hon. Eileen W. Hollowell, Dianne C. Kerns and Mark A. Redmiles

Equity Rises Again: Strategies for Interest-Holders in Chapter 11 Reorganizations and Sales - Jeffrey L. Jonas, Lorie R. Beers, Anders Maxwell, Thomas E. Patterson and Paul N. Silverstein

Financial Advisors, Investment Banking and Professional Compensation (Joint) - Richard A. Chesley, Richard M. Cieri, Peter S. Fishman and Hon. James D. Gregg

Getting to the Finish Line: Current Issues in Chapter 13 Plan Confirmation, Implementation and Discharge - Dennis J. LeVine, Alane A. Becket, Hon. Eileen W. Hollowell, W. Clarkson McDow and Gerald M. O'Donnell

Health Care Business Restructurings and Liquidations after BAPCPA: Issues and Strategies for the "New" Cases - Sarah B. Foster, Bernard A. Katz, Suzanne Koenig, Hal F. Morris and Nancy A. Peterman

Key Restructuring Issues in Energy, Telecom and Utility Cases: Lessons for the New Cases from the Last Wave - John R. Castellano, Jeremy Fago, Thomas E. Lauria, Nicholas P. Leone and Matthew Mazzucchi

Plenary Session: Selecting and Qualifying an Expert: Not Just Anyone Will Do - Robert J. Keach, Hon. Stan Bernstein, Howard Brod Brownstein, Mark M. Maloney and R. Scott Williams

Plenary Session: The Application of State Ethics Rules in Bankruptcy: Are We Just Holding Our Noses and Looking the Other Way? - Richard M. Meth, Barbara S. Gillers, Judith Greenstone Miller, Prof. Nancy B. Rapoport and Hon. Steven W. Rhodes

Ready, Set, Go: A Practical Guide to Preparing and Filing a Chapter 11 Case and Surviving the "First Days" - Kathryn Pamenter, Hon. Charles G. Case II, Mark D. Collins, Dallas M. Darland, Tinamarie Feil, Debra I. Grassgreen, Hon. William C. Hillman, Melissa Kibler Knoll and Charles F. Kuoni III

Real Estate Redux: What the New "Dirt Cases" Will Look Like - David B. Stratton, Matthew Bordwin, David L. Bruck, Ronald F. Greenspan and Hon. Linda B. Riegle

The Death of Deepening Insolvency? Corportate Governance for Troubled Companies after the Delaware Cases - Jo Ann J. Brighton, Jonathan P. Friedland, Prof. Michelle Morgan Harner, Marc D. Puntus and Russell C. Silberglied

Unsecured Trade Creditors and Young & New Members Committees - Bruce S. Nathan, Brian L. Shaw and Deborah L. Thorne

Bankruptcy Battleground West

Debating Inter-Creditor Agreements: Valuation and Control Issues - Lisa Hill Fenning, Michael H. Goldstein and Hon. Vincent P. Zurzolo

Gearing Up for Real Estate Bankruptcies? - Victor A. Sahn, Peter Corbell, Jeffrey M. Reisner and Deb Riley

Caribbean Insolvency Symposium

Bankruptcy Issues for Nonbankruptcy Lawyers - Sonia Colon, Hon. Gerardo Carlo, Hon. Judith K. Fitzgerald, Hon. Enrique S. Lamoutte, Hon. Robert A. Mark and Hon. Brian Tester

Consumer Case Law and Practice Updates - Richardo I. Kilpatrick, Hon. Bruce A. Markell and Alejandro Oliveras

Consumer Views from the Bench - Sonia Colon, Hon. Gerardo Carlo, Hon. Judith K. Fitzgerald, Hon. Enrique S. Lamoutte, Hon. Robert A. Mark, Hon. Brian Tester and Hon. A. Jay Cristol

Debtor, UST and Panel Trustee Perspectives on Hot Consumer Issues under BAPCPA - Felicia Burda, Monsita Lecaroz-Arribas, Wigberto Lugo-Mender, Juan M. Suarez Cobo and Hon. Brian Tester

Ethics Courtesy and Results in the Region - Patricia A. Redmond, Carol Ann Rich, Troy Taylor and Regina Thomas

Hedge Fund Failure: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly - Francis C. Morrissey, Alistaire Bambach, Scott M. Berman, Kenneth Krys and Prof. Edward R. Morrison

Lender's Panel: Caribbean/South American Cross-Border Issues - Luis Salazar, Rodolfo Pittaluga and Luis de Lucio

Liquidating Cross-Border Assets and Recovering Cross-Border Claims - James S. Feltman; Margaret J. Smith; Marcus A. Wide and Harold D. Moorefield, Jr.

Regional Updates and Cross-Border issues - Hon. Gerardo Carlo, Mercedes Figueroa-Morgade, Hon. Robert A. Mark, Leyza Florin Blanco, Carol Logue and David P. Freedman

Rocky Mountain Bankruptcy Conference

"Dirt for Debt": Real Estate and Single-Asset Cases - Is This the Next Wave? - John F. Young, Duncan E. Barber, Matthew Bordwin, John Collen

"Playing on the Home Court": State Court Collection and Protection Remedies and Methods - Michael J. Pankow, Edward B. Cordes, Christian Carl Onsager, Hon. Anthony W. Schofield

"Playing Second Fiddle": Protecting and Enforcing Second-Lien Positions - Elizabeth K. Flaagan, James T. Burghardt, Thomas R. Califano, Hon. A. Bruce Campbell, Christopher L. Richardson

"Stepping Into the Breach": Circuit Splits Not Yet Resolved in the 10th Circuit - Annette W. Jarvis, Kenneth L. Cannon II, Hon. Glen E. Clark, Frances M. Toole

"Three-Way Stop": The Intersection Between Domestic Relations, Probate and Bankruptcy - John Turner, Hon. William H. Brown (Ret.), Jon. B. Clarke, Arthur Lindquist-Kleissler, Hon. Howard R. Tallman

"Too Hot to Handle": Hot Topics under BAPCPA - New Published and Unpublished Decisions - Carl A. Eklund, Hon. Janice Miller Karlin, Adelaide Maudsley, Greta A. McMorris

Bankruptcy Litigation Training for New (and Not-So-New) Lawyers - Kimberley H. Tyson, Mona L. Burton, Philip A. Pearlman, Hon. Michael E. Romero, John C. Smiley

Cleaning Up the Mess - Recovering from the Bad Guys and Their Advisors: Fraud, Breach of Duty, Standing/in pari delicto, Aiding and Abetting - Risa Lynn Wolf-Smith, D. Bruce Coles, Douglas Wayne Jessop, Michael T. McConnell, Harvey Sender

Consumer Workshop I: Means Test and Related Matters - Stephen Berken, David L. Miller, Paul G. Quinn

Consumer Workshop II: Automatics, Stays, Dismissals and Ethical Traps for the Unwary - David Berry, Hon. Elizabeth E. Brown, Michael R. Johnson

Consumer Workshop III: Divorce, Exemptions, Taxes and More - Thomas D. Neeleman, Charles S. Parnell, Stephen Rupp

Consumer Workshop IV: Did Flygare Survive BAPCPA & Other Chapter 13 Issues - David M. Cook, Duane H. Gillman, Hon. William T. Thurman, Sally J. Zeman

Individuals and Small Business in Chapter 11 and Assorted Ethical Issues - James T. Markus, Hon. Sidney B. Brooks, Lee M. Kutner, Patricia A. Redmond

Policy Debate: Is BAPCPA Effective at Achieving its Intended Goals and Objectives? - Hon. Elizabeth E. Brown, Prof. Richard I. Aaron, Robert M. Duitch, Richardo I. Kilpatrick, Prof. Bruce M. Price