Gretchen Morgenson - Keynote at the ABI Friday Luncheon, ASM 2012

ABI Annual Spring Meeting 2012: NY Times Business Editor & Columnist Gretchen Morgenson discusses the pervasive fraud and reckless lending practices leading to the U.S. financial crisis


ABI Past Presidents' Panel - ABI Saturday Luncheon, ASM 2012

ABI Annual Spring Meeting 2012: Bloomberg News Editor-at-Large Bill Rochelle discusses current bankruptcy topics with panel of ABI Past Presidents


Governor Mario Cuomo - Keynote at the ABI Luncheon, WLC 2011

ABI Winter Leadership Conference 2011 Luncheon Presentation with Keynote by Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo


Norton Judicial Excellence Award Presentation - ABI Luncheon at NCBJ 2011

The presentation of the 7th Annual William L. Norton Jr. Judicial Excellence Award to Judge Robert Martin of Madison, Wisc. at the 2011 NCBJ


Thomas Hoenig - Keynote at the ABI Luncheon, NCBJ 2011

Thomas Hoenig speaking at the ABI luncheon at the NCBJ 2011 conference


James E. Millstein - ABI PDP 2011

3rd Annual Mid-Level Professional Development Program Luncheon Presentation Featuring James E. Millstein, Former Chief Restructuring Officer, U.S. Treasury Millstein & Co. LLC; Washington D.C.