ABI Update Newsletter - 2008

Dec 18 - Bush Administration Considers Automaker Bankruptcy Options

Dec 16 - Mall Owners Feel Effects of Economic Downturn

Dec 11 - Hold Blocks Senate Action on Pension Financing Measure

Dec 10 - Senator Durbin Continues Push for Foreclosure Relief Legislation

Dec 04 - Automakers Willing to Accept Oversight Board as Condition for Federal Aid

Dec 02 - November Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Increase 39 Percent over Last Year

Nov 25 - Treasury, Fed Announce $800 Billion Plan to Ease Lending

Nov 20 - With No Deal on Auto Rescue, December Session Looms for Congress

Nov 18 - Federal Mortgage Modification Proposals

Nov 13 - Hedge Fund Managers Downplay Role in Financial Crisis

Nov 06 - Commentary: President-Elect Obama Faces a Towering Economic To-Do List

Nov 05 - Private Equity Lending Faces Squeeze Amid Credit Turmoil

Oct 29 - Financial Workout Activity Predicted to Reach Late '80's Pace

Oct 24 - U.S. Foreclosures Up 71 Percent in the Third Quarter

Oct 21 - House Panel Examines Future Financial Regulations

Oct 16 - Senate Banking Chair Says Congress Will Not Change Mark-to-Market Rules

Oct 14 - Treasury Secretary Calls on Banks to Deploy New Capital

Oct 09 - Analysis: Subprime Devastation Retraces Path of S&L Crisis

Oct 07 - HUD: Lenders More Receptive to Writing Down Troubled Mortgage Loans

Oct 02 - September Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Up 28.6 Percent over Previous Year

Sep 30 - Court Ruling Requires Credit Bureaus to Wipe Away "Zombie Debt"

Sep 25 - Bipartisan Deal Struck on Federal Bailout Package

Sep 23 - House Passes Bill to Address Credit Card Abuses

Sep 18 - Commentary: Whose Bailout Is It?

Sep 16 - Congressman: Establish Agency to Buy Bad Housing Debt

Sep 11 - Banks Push Consumers Harder on Credit Card Debt

Sep 09 - Means Testing: Cases Filed after Oct. 1 to Use Updated Median Family Income Data

Sep 04 - Asset-Backed Securities Decline Amid Concerns over Delinquency Rates

Sep 02 - Bankrupt Retailers Squeezed by BAPCPA

Aug 28 - Bankruptcies Soar for Senior Citizens

Aug 26 - Report- Mortgage Fraud Continues to Increase

Aug 21 - BAPCPA Could Become a Larger Issue in Presidential Election

Aug 19 - Number of Companies at Risk of Defaulting Continues to Increase

Aug 14 - July Home Foreclosure Filings Increase 55 Percent over Last Year

Aug 12 - Private Lending Dries Up for Student Loans

Aug 07 - Wall Street Consortium Calls for New Risk Standards

Aug 05 - Credit Card-Backed Securities Face Tough Market

Jul 31 - House Panel Faces Close Vote on Credit Card Regulations

Jul 29 - GAO Report Examines Costs Associated with BAPCPA

Jul 24 - First Annual BAPCPA Report Released

Jul 23 - Senator Introduces Federal Usury Cap Legislation

Jul 17 - Legislation Prohibiting Mandatory Arbitration Provisions in Certain Contracts Advances

Jul 15 - Hedge Fund Advisers Subpoenaed in SEC Probe

Jul 10 - Bernanke, Paulson Push for New Regulatory Powers at House Hearing

Jul 08 - Obama Proposes Bankruptcy Law Changes

Jul 03 - ABI Launches New Consumer Bankruptcy Center

Jul 01 - Florida Department of Revenue v. Piccadilly Cafeterias Inc.: Another Lesson in Code Reading

Jun 26 - Proposed Bankruptcy Rules Change on Calculating Time Periods

Jun 24 - Congress Should Act Swiftly on the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights

Jun 19 - Corporate Bankruptcy Filing Increase Not as Large as Expected