Press Releases - 2011

Dec 30 - Real Estate Valuation, Outlook on Global Sovereign and Corporate Credit Markets Among the Issues to Be Discussed at the 25th Anniversary VALCON 2012 Conference

Dec 29 - ABI's Eighth Annual Caribbean Insolvency Symposium Examines Chapter 15 Developments, Ponzi Schemes and Other Cross-Border Insolvency Issues

Dec 15 - Study Finds BAPCPA's Requirements Creating Increased Costs and Burdens on Consumer Debtors and the Bankruptcy System

Dec 09 - December/January ABI Journal Article Examines Circuit Splits over Credit-Bidding and the Potential fo Supreme Court Review

Dec 02 - November Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Drop 12 Percent from Last Year

Dec 01 - Quick Poll Result: A Debtor Should Be Allowed to Claim Technical Defenses if A Creditor is Not in Possession of the Mortgage Note

Nov 09 - The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Wins Eighth Annual Corporate Restructuring Competition

Nov 08 - Total U.S. FY 2011 Bankruptcies Down 8 Percent over FY 2010; Filings Fall Across All Chapters

Nov 03 - November ABI Journal Article Explores How the Supreme Court's Ruling in Schwab v. Reilly Changed Exemption Practices in Consumer Filings

Nov 02 - October Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Fall Nearly 20 Percent from Last Year

Oct 21 - Law Students Encouraged to Take Part in ABI's Fourth Annual Writing Competition

Oct 19 - ABI Assumes Administration of "CARE" Program

Oct 14 - ABI's Delaware Bankruptcy Views from the Bench Program Returns to Wilmington on Nov. 21

Oct 12 - Termination of Pension Plans by Bankrupt Companies Is Too Easy Under the Current Law According to Latest ABI Poll

Oct 04 - Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Down 10 Percent Through Nine Months of 2011

Oct 03 - Supreme Court's Ruling in Stern v. Marshall Complicates Bankruptcy Process, According to ABI Journal Article

Sep 30 - ABI's Growing Social Media Presence Provides Members and the Public with a New Forum for Bankruptcy News and Events

Sep 29 - ABI's Powerful New Search Engine Blazes Across Archives to Find the Information That Bankruptcy Professionals Need

Sep 19 - Top Issues Confronting Bankruptcy and Restructuring Professionals in 2012 to Be Discussed at ABI's 23rd Winter Leadership Conference in December

Sep 15 - ABI Quick Poll Responses Mixed as to Whether Municipalities Should Be Required to Go Through Mediation Before Filing for Chapter 9

Sep 09 - Professor Jason Kilborn to Serve as Fall 2011 ABI Resident Scholar

Sep 06 - ABI Journal Article Details How Terminated Employees Scored a Key Ruling on Priority Treatment of Severance Claims

Sep 02 - August Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Fall 11 Percent from Last Year

Sep 01 - ABI's Canadian/American Cross-Border Insolvency Symposium to Be Held on Nov. 7 in Toronto

Aug 24 - ABI's 3rd Annual Mid-Level Professional Development Program to Be Held in New York in October

Aug 22 - ABI's Seventh Annual Detroit Consumer Bankruptcy Conference to be Held November 11

Aug 11 - ABI's Chicago Consumer Bankruptcy Conference to be Held October 11

Aug 05 - Total U.S. Bankruptcies in First Half of 2011 Down 8 Percent over First Half of 2010; Second Quarter Consumer Filings Increase 4 Percent from First Quarter

Aug 04 - ABI Quick Poll Respondents Divided over Whether the Supreme Court Got it Right in Stern v. Marshall on Counterclaims

Aug 02 - July Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Fall 18 Percent from Last Year

Jul 28 - ABI Journal Article Explores Whether the Distressed Industry is Shrinking—or Shifting

Jul 20 - ABI Again Partners with NYU for the 37th Annual Lawrence P. King and Charles Seligson Workshop on Sept. 21-22 in New York

Jul 18 - ABI's "Bankruptcy 2011: Views from the Bench" Conference in September to Feature 19 Bankruptcy Judges

Jul 15 - Don't Discriminate Against Debtors Seeking A Job, According to Latest ABI Quick Poll

Jul 05 - Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Down 8 Percent Through the First Half of 2011

Jul 01 - Lehman's Unsecured Creditors Would Not Have Received Greater Returns Under "Orderly Resolution Authority," According to Latest ABI Quick Poll

Jun 30 - New Database Provides Comprehensive Information on Cross-Border Bankruptcy Proceedings

Jun 16 - Updated Edition of Popular Consumer Bankruptcy Guide Now Available in the ABI Bookstore

Jun 15 - ABI Once Again Partners to Hold the 31st Annual Midwestern Bankruptcy Institute Program in September

Jun 13 - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Will Be More Effective if Run By One Director, Not a Five-Member Board, According to Latest ABI Quick Poll

Jun 02 - May Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Fall 16 Percent from Last Year

May 31 - New Commission to Explore Overhauling Chapter 11 Detailed in ABI Journal Article

May 27 - Business and Consumer Bankruptcy Developments, IP and Economic Developmen?ts take Center Stage at ABI's Southwest Bankruptcy Conference

May 25 - Small Business Filings, E-Discovery and Hot Topics in Bankruptcy Litigation Among Issues to be Discussed at ABI's Mid-Atlantic Bankruptcy Workshop

May 24 - Parties Buying Discounted Claims Should Have Equal Chance to Recover as Original Claimants, According to Latest ABI Quick Poll

May 20 - Ponzi Schemes, Chapter 9 and Mortgage Modifications to be Discussed at ABI's Popular Northeast Bankruptcy Conference and Northeast Consumer Forum July 21-24

May 19 - Secured Claim Issues, Commercial Real Estate and Asset Sales Among Topics to be Discussed at ABI's 16th Annual Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop

May 18 - "Medical Bankruptcy" Reform Will Likely Lead to Abuses, According to New ABI Law Review Article

May 11 - Congress and the President Should End HAMP, According to Latest ABI Quick Poll

May 06 - First Quarter Bankruptcy Filings Fall 6 Percent from 2010; Business Filings Drop 15 Percent