Consumer Bankruptcy in Practice: A Webinar Series

ABI is pleased to periodically offer webinars on consumer bankruptcy issues that address the biggest challenges facing practitioners today.*  Held throughout the year, experts will address issues of national importance that are relevant to your local practice.  The series will be based upon consumer sessions at regional or national conferences which achieved the highest marks from attendees.

*During 2007 and 2008, ABI held a series of webinars in which experts addressed issues of national importance from a local point of view. The topics were of significance to any consumer bankruptcy practitioner from any city, but the webinars were "localized" to the city by their speakers. Topics included the means test, the discharge, credit counseling, debtor education and post-confirmation modifications, and locations included Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Houston and Denver.  To purchase the recording and materials from one of these sessions, please click here or visit ABI’s Distance Learning Center.