Legislative News

ABI was founded on Capitol Hill in 1982 to provide Congress with unbiased research and testimony on insolvency issues. For more than two decades, ABI has been an active participant in the legislative process. Because of ABI's unique role as a neutral source for reliable information on the state of the law and emerging trends, members of Congress and their staff regularly call on the Institute for assistance in understanding the implications of systemic change and to help in drafting legislation language.

This section of the ABI World web site provides the text of all House and Senate bills that are related to insolvency. Media coverage, testimony and analyses are provided as well. The Legislative Highlights and Legislative Update columns from past issues of the popular ABI Journal also provide important context to the history of the debate over bankruptcy reform legislation.

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Congressional Hearing Matrix

View an updated archive of the hearings held in Congress on issues or legislation pertinent to bankruptcy or insolvency law. Note that the charts list the date of the hearing, the committee where it was held and the hearing title. The hearing title is linked to the committee pages to provide access to written testimony, Member statements and any additional materials or proposals made available by the committee for the hearing.

Hearings in the 112th Congress (current)

Hearings in the 111th Congress

Hearings in the 110th Congress