Law School Committee Meeting Minutes

2002 Annual Spring Meeting

A. ABI Law Review

1. Next issue, Spring 2002, on international insolvencies;
2. Winter 2002 will be an open issue; and
3. Spring 2002 may cover Enron/corporate governance-type issues.

B. Duberstein Moot Court Competition

1. Reviewed results of 2002 Competition;
2. Discussed topics for 2003 Competition;
3. Reviewed success of 2001 with Houston law school initiative.Three teams sent to competition for the first time; and
4. Discussed targeting Chicago law schools for 2003.

C. American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Initiative

1. Reviewed results of 2002 AALS reception sponsored by ABI;
2. Planned reception for 2003; and
3. Agreed that Law School Committee should continue to bring to the attention of law professors:

a. ABI Law Review;
b. Duberstein Moot Court;
c. ABI Scholar in Residence Program; and
d. ABI Endowment Grants.

1999 Winter Leadership Conference

The Law School Committee discussed the Moot Court Competition scheduled for 2000, including the number of schools participating, topics to be covered and the judges participating in the final round. The committee also discussed the next issue of the Law Journal on Health Care and the following open issue. The possibility of an international issue was reviewed. Finally, the committee considered an initiative to involve more bankruptcy professors in the work of committee and the possibility of meeting at the American Association of Law Schools.

1999 Annual Spring Meeting

The committee discussed the spring issue of the ABI Law Review, which is focused on consumer bankruptcy topics. Future law reviews were planned to include an open issue and topical issues such as health care and an international subjects. The Duberstein Moot Court Competition was also discussed, and suggestions were made on ways to improve and expand the competition.

1998 Winter Leadership Conference

The committee discussed the status of the 1999 Duberstein National Moot Court Competition. More than 20 teams are expected to participate in the competition. The upcoming issues of the ABI Law Review were also discussed and will include consumer bankruptcy and possibly health care topics. Appreciation was expressed for the West Group's support of the Law Review.