Professor David G. Epstein

Resident Scholar Final Report

Spring 2003

Serving as the Robert M. Zinman Resident Scholar during the 2003 Semester was both a pleasant and productive experience.   My months with the ABI were among the many months that Congress was working on what became BAPCPA.

Accordingly, my primary responsibility was to work with Sam Gerdano, Executive Director, and other ABI staff and members in helping Congressional staff and members, understand bankruptcy issues.  Each time I look at BAPCPA, I question how helpful I was.

I also helped in dealing with the many requests that the ABI received from the media who needed help in understanding what Congress was doing or going to do.  I also assisted on   ABI's many continuing legal education activities, such as the Georgetown University “Views from the Bench”, co-sponsored by ABI.  More specifically, I developed a basic CLE program called “Nuts and Bolts” of bankruptcy programbased on materials that Prof. Jack Ayer had prepared.  His work (and that of co-author Michael Bernstein) was published as “Bankruptcy in Practice”.

David G. Epstein
Professor of Law
Southern Methodist University
Dedman School of Law