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The following abstract summarizes the text of submissions made to the National Bankruptcy Review Commission. The abstract is organized by NBRC working group and topic.

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Government: Collective Bargaining Agreements
Problem ReferencedProposed Solutions
Commercial Law League of AmericaCommercial Law League of America (CLLA)
The Commerical Law League of America believes that the following issue should be considered by the NBRC: What has been the impact of § 1113 on collective bargainning agreementsThe CLLA believes that this issue should receive "high priority."
Bob ChaninGeneral Counsel, National Education Association (NEA)

NEA enthusiastically supports the proposal by Commissioner Ceccotti to amend Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code to ensure that the employees of municipal debtors who are working under collective bargaining agreements are afforded the same federal statutory rights as their private sector counterparts.N/A