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Meetings & Events

Conference Education Materials - 2003
Annual Spring Meeting

The New World of Examiners - George B. Cauthen and Jody Bedenbaugh

The Case Against KERPS - Robert Keach

Tax Issues in Bankruptcy - Jack F. Williams

Overall Issues to Be Discussed - Mitchell Cohen, Benjamin Nortman, Hon. Joel Rosenthal and Dennis Simon

New Value Defense to Preference Payments the Circuits Divided - Deborah Thorne, Kurt Winiecki and Kevin Driscoll

Chapter 13 Attorney Fee Survey - James H. Cossitt

A Proposal for More Effective Bankruptcy Reform - A. Thomas Small and Eugene Wedoff

Bankruptcy Battleground West

Selected Topics: Class Actions in Bankruptcy - Dean A. Ziehl and Harry D. Hochman

Prosecution of Estate Litigation by Creditors' Committees - Suzzanne Uhland and James Callister

Evolving Issues Relating To The Employment Of Professionals In Bankruptcy Cases - Martin R. Barash, Hon. Mitchel Goldberg, Joseph A. Guzinski and Grant Lyon

Central States Bankruptcy Workshop

Recent Developments in Officer and Director Issues - Deborah L. Fish, Hon. Jeffrey R. Hughes, Thomas L. Kiriakos, Michael P. O'Neil and Lee D. Powar

Planning for Chapter 11 - Ronald L. Rose

Retirement Exemptions A-Z - Thomas P. Yoder and Anne E. Simerman

New York City Bankruptcy Conference

The World According to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act - Scott Hazan and Jessica Ward

The History and Evaluation of The Role of The Futures Representative - James Patton Jr., Edwin Harron, Scott Holt, Sharon Zieg and Sean Beach

"Confirmation Issues: New Value Plans, Releases, Plans for Administratively Insolvent Debtors, Replacing the Board - James H.M. Sprayregen, Hon. Stuart Bernstein, Paul D. Leake, Larren M. Nashelsky and Steven J. Reisman

Session Outline: "DIP and Exit Financing - Where and How to Get the Money" - Norma C. Corio, Hon. Burton R. Lifland and Myron Trepper

Rocky Mountain Bankruptcy Conference

Selected Issues in Bankruptcy - Douglas Bacon and Anne Peterson

Sed Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Cybergenics and Its Effects - Gary M. Becker, Thomas Moers Mayer and Gordon Z. Novod

Impact of Section 365 in Mechanics' Lien Cases - James Patrick Shea and Candace C. Carlyon

Consumer Issues - Judy D. Thompson

A View From the Turnaround Trench - William A. Brandt Jr.

Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Relief Act - Richardo I. Kilpatrick

Direct Examination - Dillon E. Jackson

Making the Silk Purse: New Developments and Challenges for Trustees, DIPs and Examiners - Hon. Arthur B. Briskman, Ian Ratner and Paula S. Beran

Workout and Turnaround Skills - James S. Feltman, Richard P. Carmody and James D. Decker

Southwest Bankruptcy Conference

What Do States Want? - Karen Cordry

Northeast Bankruptcy Conference

A Fireside Chat: Recent Decisions of Interest - David Epstein, Hon. Joan N. Feeney and Hon. James F. Queenan, Jr.

Consumer Forum: Rule 11 Liability - Christopher M. Lefebvre

Designation Rights: Here to Stay - Christine D. Lynch, Christian T. Haugsby and David Peress

CM/ECF In the Bankruptcy Courts - Hon. J. Michael Deasy

After the Fall: Enron, WorldCom, et al.; Sarbanes-Oxley and Their Impact - Jon D. Schneider, Stephen B. Darr, Hon. Joel B. Rosenthal and Prof. David Arthur Skeel Jr.

Distressed Debt - Jeanne Darcey, Joseph A. Guzinski, Nate Van Duzer and J. Eric Wagoner

Symposium on American/Canadian Insolvency Law

Plan Implementation and Claims Processes - Peter Farkas and Max Mendelsohn

Chapter 11 Outline: "The Basics" - Robert S. Hertzberg

A Symposium on the Code After 25 Years, 1978-2003

The New Face of Chapter 11 - Douglas G. Baird

The New Face of Chapter 11 - Prof. John D. Ayer

White's Wheel - Bruce Markell

Bankruptcy Primitives - Barry Adler

Views from the Bench

Sales Under Section 363 - Robert Rosenberg and Susan Block-Lieb

Avoidance Powers - Mark Taylor and Jennifer Larkin

Winter Leadership Conference

Analyzing the Debtor's Financial Information: Asking the Right Questions - Gerald P. Buccino, Scott Peltz and William K. Snyder

Litigating Preferences And Fraudulent Conveyances: Selected Issues - David B. Tatge and Hon. Judith K. Fitzgerald

Current Issues Under Revised Article 9 - John K. Pearson and C. Scott Pryor

ABI/NABT Program: Trustee Litigation Track - Case Law Developments - Samuel K. Crocker, Robert D. Martin and Hon. Barry S. Schermer

Handling a Bankruptcy with Pending Criminal Investigations and Proceedings - Peter J. Ainsworth, Hon. Barry Russell and Albert Togut


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