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Meetings & Events

Conference Educational Materials - 2011
Mid-Atlantic Bankruptcy Workshop

Ethics: Proxies, E-mail and Rules of the Road - Roberta A. DeAngelis; Bonnie Glantz Fatell; Alvin E. Mathews, Jr.; Louis A. Modugno; Allen D. Wilen

"Anything but Bankruptcy!", Redux - Neil B. Glassman, Facilitator; Robert S. Brady; Howard Brod Brownstein; Daniel A. DeMarco; Marc B. Merklin; Joseph L. Schwartz

Analog Trouble in a Digital World: E-Discovery Issues - Kelly Beaudin Stapleton, Facilitator; Hon. Michael J. Kaplan; Kerri K. Mumford; Natalie D. Ramsey; Allen J. Underwood, II

Examiners: Their Use, Misuse and Creative Applications - Valerie P. Morrison, Facilitator; Don. A. Beskrone; Hon. Jeffrey A. Deller; Ramona D. Elliott; Mark Minuti

Post-Confirmation Issues - James E. Van Horn, Facilitator; Alfred T. Giuliano; Warren J. Martin, Jr.; Thomas A. Pitta; Linda Richenderfer; David B. Stratton

Financial Advisor Issues - Kevin P. Clancy, Facilitator; Joseph M. Geraghty; Stuart A. Laven, Jr.; Patricia Missal; Matthew Schwartz; George E. Shoup, III

Hot Topics in Bankruptcy Litigation - Reginald W. Jackson, Facilitator; Dale E. Barney; Susan L. Rhiel; Hon. Brendan Linehan Shannon; Lynn Lewis Tavenner

Young and New Bankruptcy Practitioner Case Study - Ronald E. Gold, Facilitator; Anne Marie Aaronson; Tiffany Strewlow Cobb; Neil Gilmour, III; Jack F. Williams

When Creditors Overreach: Tales of Bad Faith - Laurie Selber Silverstein, Facilitator; Thomas R. Allen; Karen C. Bifferato; Eric D. Schwartz; Irving E. Walker

Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop

Consumer Update 2011 - Hon. Mary Grace Diehl, Moderator; Hon. David W. Houston III; Prof. Margaret Howard

Is There an "App" for That? Ethics Challenges Arising from New Technology - David A. Wender, Moderator; Terri L. Gardner; Hon. James M. Hopkins; Patricia E. Lowry

Referees between Thieves? In Pari Delicto and Insurance Coverage Issues - Jeffrey W. Kelley, Moderator; Jerry M. Markowitz, Moderator; Kevin G. Hroblak; Soneet R. Kapila; John C. "Kit" Weitnauer

Lost in the Labyrinth of Individual Chapter 11 Cases? How to Find Your Way Out! - Patricia A. Redmond, Moderator; Hon. Paul G. Hyman, Jr.; G. Frank Nason, IV; James Patrick Shea

Court Approval vs. Ordinary Course: Issues Related to Obtaining Court Approval - C.R. "Chip" Bowles, Jr., Moderator; Beverly M. Burden; Hon. C. Ray Mullins

Today's Chapter 7 - Neil C. Gordon, Moderator; Mary Beth Ausbrooks; Hon. Catherine Peek McEwen

Commercial Real Estate Issues: The Good, Bad, Very Ugly and the Mixed Agendas of Loan Participants - Robert P. Reynolds, Moderator; Charles R. Lemons; Margaret Smith; Margaret R. Westbrook

Asset Sales: Is Philadelphia Newspapers Old News? - Eric W. Anderson, Moderator; David K. Bowsher; Ken Mann; Jay M. Sakalo; John A. Thomson, Jr.

Business Update 2011 - Hon. Mary Grace Diehl, Moderator; Hon. David W. Houston, III; Prof. Margaret Howard

Today's Chapter 13 - Richard H. Thomson, Moderator; Hon. Helen Elizabeth Burris; Nancy J. Whaley; Melissa Youngman

Ethics: "Civility Is Not a Sign of Weakness": Civility and Professionalism - Richard P. Carmody, Moderator; Hon. Helen Elizabeth Burris; Hon. Mary Grace Diehl; Hon. David W. Houston, III; Hon. Catherine Peek McEwen; Hon. C. Ray Mullins; Hon. Katharine M. Samson

Trial Practice: And Your Little House, Too! - C.R. "Chip" Bowles, Jr.; Robin E. Phelan; J. Ted Donovan; Jennifer M. Meyerowitz; W. Austin Jowers; Diarmuid Gorham; Hon. Katharine M. Samson; David B. Wheeler

Northeast Bankruptcy Conference

Claims Allowance and Voting - Hon. Colleen A. Brown; Howard N. Gorney; Robert J. Kerwin; David J. Reier; Jeffrey D. Sternklar

Directors' and Officers' Fiduciary Duties and Insurance - Hon. Robert E. Gerber; Randall W. Bodner; Michael F. Gries; Alan M. Reisch; James J. Tancredi

Rules and Models Used to Establish the New Capital Structure - Jeffrey B. Gaynor; Allen G. Kadish; Gerald A. Shapiro; Daniel W. Sklar

Ponzi Schemes and Avoidance Actions: How Duped Investors May Pay Twice - Hon. Mark W. Vaughn (ret.); Daniel M. Glosband; Steven M. Notinger; Irving H. Picard; Thomas A. Pitta; H. Jeffrey Schwartz

Plan Issues - Hon. Joel B. Rosenthal (ret.); Eric A. Henzy; Harold B. Murphy; Deryck A. Palmer; George W. Shuster, Jr.

"So, You Think You Know Executory Contracts?" - Hon. William C. Hillman; Randy J. Creswell; Paul N. Gilmore; Christopher J. Panos; Douglas E. Spelfogel

Accidental Ownership: The Cautionary Tale of the Economic Cycle - Hon. J. Michael Deasy; Andrew Giangrave; Neil Heyside; Jeffrey W. Levitan

Is That Claim Really Secured and Unavoidable? - Hon. Elizabeth S. Stong; Michael A. Fagone; James M. Liston; Edwin E. Smith; John L. Whitlock

Chapter 9 Update - Hon. Enrique S. Lamoutte; H. Slayton Dabney, Jr.; William W. Kannel; Martha E.M. Kopacz; James E. Spiotto

Bankruptcy Ethics in an Electronic Age - Hon. Brian K. Tester; Thomas O. Bean; Joseph Looby; John P. McVeigh; Andrew Z. Schwartz

So, You Want to Be a CRO? - Richard A. Heller; William H. Henrich; Louis E. Robichaux, IV; Robert P. Wexler

What Does the Market Say, and Does It Matter? Valuation Issues Inside and Outside of a Plan - David A. Aloise; Jeffrey L. Jonas; Anders J. Maxwell; Eben Perison

Northeast Consumer Forum

Chapter 13 Plans: Creativity Can Lead to Confirmation - Hon. Mildred Caban; Janet J. Goldman; Christopher M. Lefebvre; David D. Nielson; Tanya Sambatakos

The Tax Man and the Debtor: Satisfying Both in Bankruptcy - Hon. James B. Haines; Eleanor William Dahar; Craig R. Jalbert; Stacie D. McHale; Ryan D. Sullivan

Mortgage Modifications or Surrender: Are They Getting Clients Relief? - Hon. James B. Haines, Jr.; Stacy Bettez Ferrara; William K. Harrington; John. S. McNicholas; John Rao

A Calm in the Storm: Leading Stressed Debtors through the Bankruptcy Process - Lynn Barenberg; Hon. Mildred Caban; Richard M. Goldman; Julie A. Ranieri; Leslie Storm

Central States Bankruptcy Workshop

Bank Failures: Dealing with the FDIC - Hon. Bruce W. Black; James R. Hannon; Kevin A. Krakora; Michael P. O'Neil

Burn the House Down! Mortgage Issues in Consumer Cases - Kelley Callard; Marcy J. Ford; Richard D. Nelson; Hon. Pamela Pepper

Claims Issues in Consumer Cases - Margaret A. Burks; Hon. Philip Klingeberger; Hannah J. Mufson McCollum; Wallace H. Tuttle

Did You See What Happened in Court Today? A Demonstration of Worst Practices (vs. Best Practices) for Judges and Attorneys - Hon. A Benjamin Goldgar; Robert J. Keach; Hon. Robert D. Martin; Anne B. Miller; Michael P. Richman

How to Get Retained and Paid: Ethics Issues in Business Cases - Carla O. Andres; Sean D. Malloy; Judith Greenstone Miller; Thomas A. Morrow; Hon. Thomas J. Tucker

Can You Fight (or Restructure) City Hall? Restructuring Municipal Debt - Michael G. Boudreau; Charles M. Moore; Hon. Phillip J. Shefferly; J. Robert Stoll

How to Protect (and Keep) Your License: Ethics Issues in Consumer Cases - Gary L. Hostetler; Bennet A. Kahn; Hon. Margaret Dee McGarity; Karen L. Rowse-Oberle

Problems, Problems, Problems Workshops - Consumer Moderators: Hon. Keith M. Lundin, Hon. Eugene R. Wedoff; Business Moderators: Hon. Steven W. Rhodes, Hon. Mary Ann Whipple

Protecting Your Intangible Assets: Intellectual Property Issues in Bankruptcy Cases - David P. Bart; Matthew T. Gensburg; Mark A. Peterson; Hon. John H. Squires

The Tax Man Cometh and the Tax Man Taketh Away: Tax Issues in Consumer Cases - Tracy M. Clark; Debra Vorhies Levine; Hon. Marci B. McIvor; Paul G. Swanson

The Non-Filing Spouse Dilemma - James W. Boyd; Thomas D. DeCarlo; Deborah K. Ebner; Hon. Jeffrey R. Hughes

What Your Banker Can Do for You: Restructurings, Chapter 11 and Liquidations from a Banker's Perspective - Hon. Pamela S. Hollis; Ralph E. McDowell; MIchael J. Osty; Andrew W. Ottaway; Michael A. Silverman

Memphis Consumer Bankruptcy Conference

Ethical Responsibilities as to Continuing Representation - Hon. Audrey R. Evans; Richard H. Thomson

Fraudulent Transfers and Preferences - Hon. Jennie D. Latta, Moderator; James E. Bailey, III; David Blaylock

Intersection of Divorce and Bankruptcy - Hon. William H. Brown (Ret.); Hon. Margaret Dee McGarity

Is It or Isn't It? Property of the Estate and Exemptions in Consumer Bankruptcy - Hon. Paulette J. Delk, Moderator; Bettye S. Bedwell; Nancy R. Rigell; Robert B. Vandiver

Mortgage Documentation Mess - Hon. David W. Houston, Moderator; R. Spencer Clift, III; B. David Sweeney

Today's Chapter 7 - Hon. David S. Kennedy, Moderator; Hollis Williams Craft; Samuel K. Crocker

U.S. Trustee and U.S. Attorney Panel: Inside Perspective - Daniel M. McDermott, Moderator; Carrie Ann Rohrscheib; Edward L. Stanton, III

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Proofs of Claim and Claims Objections - Timothy H. Ivy, Moderator; Michael P. Coury; William B. Mauldin

Deciding on a Business Chapter 13 or a Small Business 11 - Hon. Jennie D. Latta, Moderator; Leon S. Jones; Michael T. Tabor

Today's Chapter 13 - Hon. G. Harvey Boswell, Moderator; Mary Beth Ausbrooks; Sylvia Ford Brown; Henry E. Hildebrand, III

New York City Bankruptcy Conference

Claims Trading: Effect of CDSs in Bankruptcy and How It Drives Negotiations and Results - Thomas Moers Mayer, Alan J. Carr, Hon. Allan L. Gropper, Richard F. Hahn, Patrick J. Nash, Jr., Bruce R. Zirinsky

Confirmation Issues - Martin J. Bienenstock, Dennis F. Dunne, Richard Morgner, Peter V. Pantaleo, Ben Pickering

Cram-Up and Intercreditor Issues: CalGen, Trump - Glenn E. Siegel, William Q. Derrough, Hon. Arthur J. Gonzalez, David S. Kurtz, Mitchell A. Seider, Steven Wilamowsky

Dodd-Frank Authority over Too-Big-to-Fail Companies - James E. Millstein, Wilbur L. Ross, Jr., Paul E. Singer, Penfield Starke

Examiners and Mediators: Appointment, Retention Orders, Information Access, Uses and Abuses of Confidentiality, Role as Expert - Peter L. Borowitz, Ira L. Herman, Alec P. Ostrow, Steven J. Reisman, Sanford P. Rosen, Hon. Elizabeth H. Stong

Hot Topics Attempted Hostile Takeovers in Bankruptcy - DBSD, Philadelphia Newspapers, MGM, Tribune - Jay M. Goffman, Matthew A. Cantor, Hon. Shelley C. Chapman, Erez E. Gilad, Philip Kassin, Kevin Lavin

International Panel: Current Issues, the Interplay between Chapters 15 and 11 - Alan W. Kornberg, Hon. Stuart M. Bernstein, Luc A. Despins, Lindsee P. Granfield, Evan C. Hollander, Ira A. Reid

Municipal and Other State Agency Restructurings - Marc Abrams, William A. Brandt, Jr., Hon. Martin Glenn, Harrison J. (Jay) Goldin, Scott L. Hazan, Lary Stromfeld

Real Estate Panel: Foreclosure Actions and Sales in Bankruptcy Courts or Stayed by Bankruptcy Courts, How to Deal with the Special Servicer - Marcia L. Goldstein, Daniel B. Kamensky, Hon. James M. Peck, Brad Eric Scheler, Steven David Smith

Valuation from Start to Finish and Beyond: DIP Financing, Cramdown, Rights Offerings, Warrants and Exit Financing - Timothy R. Coleman, Corinne Ball, Lisa J. Donahue, Hon. Robert E. Gerber, William H. Henrich, David Hilty, Mark J. Shapiro, Brian Trust

Litigation Panel: What Are Stakeholders Fighting About? Expansion Rule of 9019, Competing Plans, Collective Actions and Binding Minority Lenders in the Same Credit, TOUSA - David M. Hillman, Thomas Moers Mayer, Hon. Allan L. Gropper, Hon. Robert E. Grossman, Marshall Scott Huebner, Michael Luskin,

Annual Spring Meeting

Asset Sales/Secured Credit Committee: Plan Sales Revisited: Plan Sale vs. 363 Sale - Hon. Laurel Myerson Isicoff, Peter S. Kaufman, Stephen D. Lerner, Robin E. Phelan

Chapter 11 Creditors' Committees and Examiners: Are They Effective? - Douglas E. Deutsch, Moderator, Prof. Michelle Morgan Harner, Scott L. Hazan, William K. Lenhart

Complex UCC Issues - Deborah L. Thorne, Moderator, Hon. Dennis R. Dow, Terri L. Gardner, Steven O. Weise

How to Conduct a Valuation Trial - R. Scott Williams, Moderator, Hon. Robert E. Gerber, Abid Qureshi, John Tittle, Jr.

Consumer Committee: Messy Mortgage Muddles: Recurring Mortgage Claim Issues in Consumer Bankruptcy - Hon. Wendelin I. Lipp, Moderator, Kirk B. Burkley, David P. Leibowitz

The Controversial Issues Surrounding the CRO - Daniel F. Dooley, Moderator, Thomas M. Kim, Patrick C. Lagrange, Lisa M. Poulin

Cutting Edge Litigation Issues: Ponzi Schemes, the Return of Leveraged Buyouts, Valuation Disputes and More - Alan J. Kornfeld, James S. Feltman, Hon. Barry Russell, Paul S. Singerman, Catherine L. Steege

Developing a Restructuring Practice: Advice from Proven Rainmakers - Michael M. Eidelman, Moderator, Richard M. Cieri, Marcia L. Goldstein, Perry M. Mandarino

Dodd-Frank: Will It Work? - Michael Krimminger, Paul L. Lee, Peggy A. Peterson

Eating Dirt: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore - James Patrick Shea, Moderator, Hon. Laurel Myerson Isicoff, Marc Liebman, William N. Lobel, Robert J. Miller

Ethics and Professional Compensation: Actions to Avoid and Recover Fees - Jeffrey R. Fine, Charles M. Forman, Eve H. Karasik, Judith Greenstone Miller, Andrew R. Vara

15th Annual Great Debates - James T. Markus, Moderator, Susan M. Freeman, Norman L. Pernick

Intercreditor Issues and their Impact on the Chapter 11 Process - Mark N. Berman, Moderator, Hon. Robert D. Drain, Heather Lennox, Richard B. Levin, William K. Snyder

Labor and Employment: Termination of Retiree Benefits: Everything You Need to Know about § 1114 and the Termination of At-Will Benefits - Joel W. Ruderman, Moderator, Babette A. Ceccotti, Marc Kieselstein, Hon. Christopher S. Sontchi, Robert J. Stark

Projected Disposable Income: What Is Covered and What Is Not - Claire Ann Resop, Moderator, Krispen S. Carroll, Mark A. Redmiles, Hon. Steven W. Rhodes

Recent Hot Plan Confirmation Issues - Kathryn Ann Coleman, Moderator, Hon. Kevin J. Carey, Eric Fromme, Ira L. Herman, David Phelps

Small Business Bankruptcy Task Force: Hot Topics in Small Business Cases - Michael G. Busenkell, Philip J. Landau, Gregory R. Schaaf, Hon. Tracey N. Wise

Where Will the Work Be? - Rebecca A. Roof, Moderator, William A. Brandt, Jr., John Wm. (Jack) Butler, Jr., Keith J. Shapiro, Scott Y. Stuart

Espinosa and Beyond - Lynne F. Riley, Moderator, Hon. Jeffery P. Hopkins, Prof. Margaret Howard

Fulfilling the Fiduciary Duty in a Complex Commercial World - Prof. Nancy B. Rapoport, Judith Greenstone Miller, Richard M. Meth

Quick Sales, Credit-Bidding and the 363 Process - David S. Heller, Moderator, Lisa G. Beckerman, Michael J. Henkin, J. Scott Victor, Hon. Gregg W. Zive

Financial Advisors: Bankruptcy Practice and the Law of Unintended Consequences: Be Careful What You Wish For - Michael L. Bernstein, Prof. Jean Braucher, Robert J. Keach, A. Jeffrey Zappone

Paskay Seminar on Bankruptcy Law and Practice

Current Developments in Bankruptcy Litigation - Patricia A. Redmond, Michael P. Richman, Deborah D. Williamson

Evidence Demonstration: Using Experts at Trial - R. Scott Williams, Jo Ann J. Brighton, Hon. C. Ray Mullins, David M. Baker

Plenary Session: Current Developments in Business and Consumer Cases - Jeffrey W. Warren, Jeffrey N. Rich, Hon. Michael G. Williamson

Bankruptcy Battleground West

The Reorganizing (and Unraveling) of Real Estate Enterprises - Aleksandra Zimonjic, Moderator; Dennis B. Arnold; J. Michael Issa; Bradley D. Sharp; David B. Shemano; Hon. Laura S. Taylor

Confirming a Chapter 11 Plan: The Challenges, Pitfalls and Opportunities - Alan Feld, Moderator; David W. Levene; Ricardo Chance; Peter W. Lianides; Michael P. Murphy; Hon. Erithe A. Smith

Municipal Upheaval in California: Is Chapter 9 the Solution? - Shirley S. Cho, Moderator; Hon. Peter H. Carroll, III; Michael Hammond; Gary E. Klausner; Marc A. Levinson; Charles Sakai


Cost of Capital: An Analysis of Courts' Interpretation - Grant W. Newton; Dr. Robert Parrino; Roger J. Grabowski; Bernard Pump

Will Dodd-Frank Reduce Systemic Risk? - Michael P. Richman; Prof. Stephen M. Bainbridge

Navigating Municipal Restructurings Roundtable: The New Frontier - James M. Lukenda; John Wm. (Jack) Butler, Jr.; William A. Brandt, Jr.; Kenneth A. Buckfire; Marc A. Levinson; Perry M. Mandarino

Rights Offerings - James M. Lukenda; Jane Lee Vris; William Q. Derrough; Michael Genereux

Ten Practice Tips for Valuations Professionals - James M. Lukenda; Evelyn H. Biery; T. Scott Avila; Richard Braun; Eric Winthrop

Real Estate Restructurings: The Issues and Challenges Raised by Complex Multi-Tranche Structures - James M. Lukenda; Marcia L. Goldstein; Ronen A. Bojmel; Gregory A. Cross; Hon. James M. Peck

Navigating Through the Ethical Maze of Fiduciary Duties: Ratting on Clients and Other Hazards - Kaaran E. Thomas; Susan M. Freeman; Judith Greenstone Miller

Dealing with Appraisals and Comparables in a Volatile Market - Curtis Burr; Anthony V. Aaron; Dr. Adam Borison

Sufficiency of Capital Tests in the Context of Avoidance Actions - Paul N. Shields, Moderator; Ian Ratner; Bradford J. Sandler; Teri Stratton

Market Participant Behavior in the Wake of Dodd-Frank - Michael P. Richman; William J. Rochelle; Holly Felder Etlin; Walter J. Mix III; Mark J. Shapiro

Caribbean Insolvency Symposium

Breakfast with the Judges - Judith Elkin, Moderator, Mark J. Wolfson, A. Jay Cristol, Paul G. Hyman, Laurel Myerson Isicoff, Enrique S. Lamoutte, John K. Olson, Brian K. Tester

Chapter 15 - Emerging Trends from New Cases - Robert A. Mark, Leyza Florin Blanco, William Hare, Erik P. Kimball, Selinda A. Melnik, Sheryl E. Seigel

The Emperor's New Clothes: Financial Regulatory Reform - Market Impacts - Cornelius K. Hurley, Gail Johnson-Goring, Gary M. Welsh

Breaking News from the Supreme Court - G. Eric Brunstad, Jr.

Rocky Mountain Bankruptcy Conference

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly": 10th Circuit Bankruptcy Judges Poll - John Thomas Beckett, Kenneth L. Cannon, II, David E. Leta, Gregg W. Zive

"Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade": Where Is Health Care Reform Taking Us? - Annette W. Jarvis, Duane H. Gillman, Carol E. Jendrzey, Greg Poulsen, Susan M. Smith

"Coast to Coast": Hot Topics and Recent Developments - Kimberley H. Tyson, Elizabeth E. Brown, Michael D. Sousa, Steven T. Waterman

"The Sandlot": Lenders and Distressed Real Estate - Elizabeth K. Flaagan, Susan E. Brown, Lee M. Kutner, Michael E. Romero, James Simons

"City Slickers": ABI Past Presidents Panel - Risa Lynn Wolf-Smith, Robert M. Fishman, Michael P. Richman, Bettina M. Whyte, Deborah D. Williamson

"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid": Ponzi Schemers and Their Modern-Day Pursuers - Gil A. Miller, Geoffrey L. Berman, Lon A. Jenkins, R. Kimball Mosier, John C. Smiley, Robert G. Wing

"Romancing the Stone": Successful Credit-Bidding in a Dangerous World (for Lenders, That Is!) - Carl A. Eklund, A. Bruce Campbell, Steven N. Cousins, Abid Qureshi, David B. Shemano

Consumer Workshop I: "Around the World in 80 Days" - Circuit Splits, Pending Cases and Confusing Consumer Cases - Stephen E. Berken, James Vincent Cameron, Matt McCune, William T. Thurman

Consumer Workshop II: "True Grit" - Chasing Down Loan Modifications for Consumers - Deanna L. Westfall, Kevin R. Anderson, Britney Beall-Eder, Sidney B. Brooks, Charles F. McVay, Jose Luis Vasquez

Consumer Workshop IV: "Stagecoach" - Driving the Consumer Case to a Successful Conclusion - Robert Padjen, Gregory M. Garvin, Jeanne Yendrek Jagow, Howard R. Tallman

"Broken Arrow": Chapter 11 Trustees and the New Sheriff Appointment, Job Description and Ethical Issues - John F. Young, Diana K. Carey, Robert H. Jacobvitz, Neal H. Levin, Sherilyn A. Olsen

Northeast Consumer Winter Forum

Today's Chapter 13: Most Recent Case Law Regarding "Projected Disposable Income" and Latest Issues Concerning Feasible Chapter 13 Plans - Hon. Melvin S. Hoffman, Moderator; Carolyn A. Bankowski; Elaine M. Benkoski; Peter C. Fessenden; William J. McLeod; John F. Sommerstein

Litigation Symposium: Mortgage Documentation Mess: Foreclosure Resistance, Vignettes and Mock Presentation - Edward S. Cheng; Julia Frost-Davies; Patrick P. Dinardo; Frederic D. Grant, Jr.; Robert J. Kerwin; Patrick J. O'Toole, Jr.; Hon. Henry J. Boroff; Hon. J. Michael Deasy; Hon. Joan N. Feeney; Anne J. White; Jenny I. Yandell


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