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ABI Membership

ABI World features a membership section that allows you to join, renew, update your profile, access the online membership directory, read about other members who are making the news and information to help you make the most of your membership. Since there are so many areas of ABI World that are only accessible to members, keeping your membership up-to-date is vital. Thanks to ABI World, doing so is quick and easy.

Join or Renew. Joining or renewing your membership online is now much easier, thanks to the new-and-improved membership section. Instant confirmation allows you to continue your membership without interruption.

Why Should You Join? This section provides an overview of the benefits ABI members receive. New benefits are continually added. This section also serves as a guide to the newsletters, journals and other content you should be receiving on a regular basis.

Online Membership Directory. An updated online membership directory allows you to find contact information for your colleagues 24 hours a day. The directory is well organized and allows users to do complex members searches.

Update Your Profile. Just changed firms? Updating your membership information is quick and easy with ABI World.

Members in the News. This feature from the ABI Journal allows you to read the latest news about fellow ABI members. Firm changes, new titles, awards, promotions and more are included in this section.

Volunteer Opportunities. Looking to make the most of your ABI membership? This section will spell out how you can boost your field in the bankruptcy world by volunteering with ABI.

Student Membership. ABI offers student membership for full time students for a maximum of 3 years. To apply, please complete the membership application and forward to us with $20 and expected date of graduation. We also offer graduated dues for the first two years a student member transitions into regular membership after graduation. If you have any questions, please contact us at


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