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ABI Bankruptcy Brief/Update Newsletter - 2011

Dec 29 - Commentary: Don't Give Up on the Sensible Ideas of Dodd-Frank

Dec 27 - Analysis: Economy to Pick Up, but Still Vulnerable

Dec 15 - Study Finds BAPCPA's Requirements Creating Increased Costs and Burdens on Consumer Debtors and the Bankruptcy System

Dec 13 - Bank Critic Hoenig Approved for FDIC Role

Dec 08 - Senate Blocks Obama Choice for Consumer Panel

Dec 06 - U.S. Regulators Face Grilling on Volcker Rule, Dodd-Frank

Dec 01 - ABI's Code and Rules Site Updated with Amendments to Bankruptcy Rules Effective Today

Nov 29 - Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Bankruptcy Tax Case

Nov 22 - Analysis: Dodd-Frank May Hamper Policymakers Shielding Banking System in a Crisis

Nov 17 - Analysis: U.S. Downgrade Didn't Send Interest Rates Soaring

Nov 15 - Fed's Evans: Fed Should "Take New Chances" on Monetary Policy

Nov 10 - Analysis: Were Bailouts a Bad Idea? Jefferson County Bankruptcy Puts Chapter 9 to the Test

Nov 08 - Total U.S. FY 2011 Bankruptcies Down 8 Percent over FY 2010

Nov 03 - House Panel Votes to Subpoena White House for Solyndra Records

Nov 01 - October Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Fall Nearly 20 Percent from Last Year

Oct 27 - Bankruptcy Filing Fee and Miscellaneous Fees Increase on Nov. 1

Oct 25 - Foreclosed Borrowers May Be Eligible for Reviews

Oct 20 - GAO Report Examines Asbestos Trusts

Oct 18 - New Government Mortgage Plan Floated

Oct 13 - Analysis: Troubled Financial Times Yield Less Help for Municipalities

Oct 11 - Regulators Unveil "Volcker Rule," Seek Comment

Oct 06 - Consumer Bureau Nominee Approved by Senate Banking Committee

Oct 04 - Opaqueness Undercuts Financial Stability Council

Sep 30 - Mortgage Aid Effort Falls Short of Its Goal

Sep 27 - Struggling Homeowners Association Seek to Turn Table on Banks

Sep 22 - Volcker Rule May Lose Its Bite

Sep 20 - Some Slam Aggressive Tactics Used to Win Bankruptcy Work

Sep 15 - Analysis: The Merrill and Lehman Deals, 3 Years Later

Sep 13 - FDIC Approves Rule Requiring Resolution Plans for Insured Depository Institutions over $50 Billion

Sep 08 - House Judiciary Subcommittee Considers Chapter 11 Venue Reform

Sep 06 - Cordray's Confirmation Hearing Before the Senate Banking Committee Revisits CFPB Criticism

Sep 01 - August Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Fall 11 Percent from Last Year

Aug 30 - Lehman Bankruptcy Plan a Big Step Closer to Confirmation

Aug 25 - Small Business Bankruptcies Declined in Past Year

Aug 23 - FDIC's "Problem List" of Banks Shrinks for First Time Since 2006

Aug 18 - Analysis: Court Ruling Offers Path to Challenge Dodd-Frank

Aug 16 - U.S. Regulators Lack Key Tool to Unwind "Too-Big-to-Fail" Banks

Aug 11 - Study: Foreclosure Filings in U.S. Plunge 35 Percent to Four-Year Low

Aug 09 - Late Payments Push U.S. CMBS Delinquencies to a Record High

Aug 04 - Analysis: Bondholders Win in Rhode Island Insolvency Crisis

Aug 02 - July Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Fall 18 Percent from Last Year

Jul 28 - Foreclosure Filings Decline in 84 Percent of U.S. Cities after Paperwork Backups

Jul 26 - House Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing Tomorrow to Examine Chapter 7 Trustee Responsibilities and Compensation

Jul 21 - U.S. Loses $1.3 Billion in Exiting Chrysler

Jul 19 - Analysis: Dodd-Frank Under Fire a Year Later

Jul 14 - Republicans, Warren Spar on Mortgage Limits

Jul 12 - Obama Tackles Housing Options

Jul 07 - Bank of America, JPMorgan Said to Near Foreclosure Deal with U.S., States

Jul 05 - Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Down 8 Percent Through the First Half of 2011

Jun 30 - Report: Serious Delinquencies, Foreclosures Outnumber Foreclosure Sales 50:1



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