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ABI Update Newsletter - 2008

Jun 17 - Supreme Court Rules in Favor of States in Tax Case

Jun 12 - Commentary: Congressional Action Needed to Halt Predatory Lending

Jun 11 - EOUST Report to Congress Shows Debtors Highly Satisfied with Debtor Education Programs

Jun 05 - House Hearing Held on Bill to Protect Labor Interest in Chapter 11

Jun 03 - Total Bankruptcy Filings Increase Nearly 27 Percent Over First Quarter 2007

May 29 - SEC Pushes for New Risk Scorecard for Credit Rating Companies

May 27 - U.S. Corporate Defaults Surpass Last Year’s Total

May 22 - Unsecured Creditors More Aggressive Amid Credit Crunch

May 20 - ABI Update: View the Debt Symposium Online

May 15 - Senate Nears Deal on Mortgage Legislation

May 13 - U.S. Business Liquidations Increase Amid Tough Credit Environment

May 08 - House Passes Bill Providing States Funding to Purchase Foreclosed Homes

May 06 - Bush Administration, House Republicans Take Aim at Housing Proposals

Apr 29 - President Bush Presses Congress on Economy

Apr 24 - Facing Veto Threat, House Panel Continues Work on Mortgage Relief Bill

Apr 22 - Senate Panel Calls for SEC Vigilance against Firms Issuing Faulty Credit Ratings

Apr 17 - Democrats Look to Move Measures Curbing Credit Card Abuses

Apr 15 - MBA Steps Up Opposition to Mortgage Modification Proposals

Apr 10 - Senate Passes Housing Stimulus Bill

Apr 08 - Cloture Vote Sets Stage for Final Action in the Senate on Housing Bill

Apr 03 - Mortgage Modification Amendment Tabled from Housing Stimulus Package

Apr 01 - Senate Looks to Bipartisan Package on Foreclosure Relief; House Examines Fate of Servicemen in Bankruptcy

Mar 27 - Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Bankruptcy Tax Case

Mar 25 - Small Businesses Find Credit Is Tightening

Mar 21 - Influential House Chairman Calls for Overhaul of U.S. Financial Regulatory Regime

Mar 18 - Feds Mull Next Steps in Credit Crisis

Mar 13 - Credit Card Companies Defend Practices at Congressional Hearing

Mar 11 - Fed to Lend $200 Billion More to Ease Market Strain

Mar 06 - U.S. Home Foreclosures Hit Another Record High

Mar 04 - Regulators Testify that U.S. Banks Are Healthy, But Conditions May Worsen

Feb 28 - Another Debt Market Threatens Banks and Municipalities

Feb 26 - Senate Democrats Tinker With Housing Stimulus Bill to Gain GOP Votes

Feb 21 - Charge-offs and Delinquencies on Mortgages, Cards Rise in Fourth Quarter

Feb 19 - Easy Credit Gives Way to High Consumer Debt and Defaults

Feb 14 - Senate Democrats Preparing Housing Stimulus Package

Feb 12 - "Project Lifeline" Doesn't Deter Sen. Durbin on Mortgage Modification Bill

Feb 07 - House Votes Down Attempt to Repeal Part of 2005 Student Loan Law

Feb 05 - Comparison of Presidential Candidates’ Views on Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Jan 31 - Republican Presidential Candidate Weighs in on Mortgage Crisis

Jan 29 - Cases Filed after Feb. 1 to Use Updated Median Family Income Data

Jan 24 - Tentative Deal Reached on Economic Stimulus Plan

Jan 22 - President Creates Financial Literacy Advisory Council

Jan 17 - Democratic Candidates Weigh in Against BAPCPA During Debate

Jan 15 - Supreme Court Curbs Investor Lawsuits

Jan 10 - Fed Chief Signals Further Rate Cut

Jan 08 - Congress to Continue to Examine Bankruptcy Law Changes

Jan 03 - Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Up Nearly 40 Percent in 2007



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