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Small Business, Parternship and Single Asset Real Estate Working Group

No. Proposal Status Date
1 Small Business Proposal Adopted 6/97
2 "Partnership" as Debtor in Bankruptcy
Other Materials
Adopted 8/97
3 Treatment of a LLC Member under the Bankruptcy Code ADOPTED 8/97
Effect of General Partner’s or LLC Member’s Bankruptcy Filing ADOPTED 8/97
Table: Rights of General Partner, LLC Member, or Trustee to Exercise Management Rights During the Pendency of a Bankruptcy Case
4 Exclusion of a Partnership or LLC Operating Agreement from 11 U.S.C. § 365 Adopted 8/97
5 Ipso Facto Provisions Rendered Unenforceable in General Partner’s or LLC Member’sBankruptcy Case Adopted 8/97
6 Property of the Estate, Transferability, and Valuation of a Partnership or LLC Interest Adopted 8/97
7 Treatment of Partnership and LLC Management Rights Adopted 8/97
10 Repeal the $4 Million Cap on the Definition of Single Asset Real Estate ADOPTED by MAIL BALLOT
11 Definition of Single Asset Real Estate ADOPTED by MAIL BALLOT 8/97
12 Loan-to-Value/New Value Single Asset Real Estate Plans Considered 8/97

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