Claims-Trading Program

St. Johnís Universityís Manhattan Campus
New York

October 30, 2014

Hosted by ABIís Business Reorganization Committee
and St. Johnís University School of Law

Bankruptcy claims-trading has been around as long as there have been restructurings. Over the last decade, however, claims-trading has become increasingly popular with hedge funds and other investors as an active or passive investment vehicle. In recent years, such cases as Enron, Delphi and KB Toys, as well as the amendments to Bankruptcy Rule 2019, have made claims-trading and secondary debt purchases the focus of hotly contested litigation.

ABIís Business Reorganization Committee is bringing the foremost experts in the industry to St. Johnís University School of Lawís new Manhattan Campus for an in-depth discussion on the risks of claims-trading, as well as the litigation tactics available to protect creditors. Approval for 3/3.5 hours of CLE/CPE is pending. You wonít want to miss this timely program!



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