Consumer Bankruptcy in Practice: A Webinar Series

The ABI is pleased to offer a series of webinars on consumer bankruptcy issues that address the biggest challenges facing practitioners today. Held throughout the year, ABI will address issues of national importance from a local point of view. Topics will include:

  • Income, expenses and related issues under BAPCPA
  • Credit counseling and debtor education
  • Individual debtor audits in chapters 7 and 13
  • Issues and developments related to the automatic stay
  • The Debt Relief Agency provisions of BAPCPA and other attorney liability issues

Cities on the tour:

  • Atlanta
  • Seattle
  • Los Angeles
  • Memphis
  • Houston
  • Denver

The topics will be of significance to any consumer bankruptcy practitioner from any city, but the webinars will be "localized" to the city by their speakers. You can attend any webinar at any time you are interested, or you can wait until that topic comes to the city closest to your area.

Registration is closed for the first stop in Atlanta on Income, Expenses & Related Issues under BAPCPA.