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Professor G. Ray Warner
School of Law
University of Missouri - Kansas City


Dr. Louis H. Primavera, Ph.D.
Dr. Bernard S. Gorman, Ph.D.
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
St. John's University
Richard M. Meth, Esq., Chair

Honorable Samuel L. Bufford
Honorable Leif M. Clark
Honorable Lisa Hill Fenning
Susan Hersh, Esq.
John D. Penn, Esq.
M. Freddie Reiss, C.P.A.
Professor Robert M. Zinman

Samuel J. Gerdano, Esq.
Executive Director, ABI


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I know that I speak for all of the members of the Survey Steering Committee when I say that, when we first contemplated the Survey and envisioned this Report more than two and one-half years ago, we did not foresee the magnitude of the task we were about to undertake, or the nature of the challenges we were to overcome. Therefore, and precisely because of the commitment, intellect and energies of these Committee members, the success of and potential for contribution by the Survey to the improvement of the bankruptcy process has been ensured.

In particular, I note that it would not have been possible for the Survey to have been completed without the untiring assistance, patience, wisdom, pragmatism and remarkable good humor of my "second-in-command," John D. Penn, of Haynes & Boone, LLP, Fort Worth, Texas. Moreover, absent the herculean efforts and consummate professionalism of the Survey's Reporter, Prof. G. Ray Warner, University of Missouri at Kansas City, School of Law, this extraordinarily insightful report and analysis of the Survey's results would never have come to fruition.

The ability to undertake and complete this Survey also required the vision, guidance and unwavering support, financially and otherwise, of the American Bankruptcy Institute, its Executive Committee and its Board of Directors. The Committee also gratefully acknowledges the expertise of and survey research services provided by Louis H. Primavera, Ph.D.;, and the staff of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of St. John's University.

Many thanks go to the various ABI leaders who gave so generously of their time and expertise in the hope (and with the expectation) that the Survey will prove to be an invaluable resource for the National Bankruptcy Review Commission as it continues its deliberations, as well as for the bankruptcy community generally. These leaders include Robert M. Zinman, Robert Fishman, the Honorable Samuel L. Bufford, the Honorable Leif M. Clark, the Honorable Lisa Hill Fenning, Susan B. Hersh and M. Freddie Reiss. In addition, Samuel J. Gerdano, Executive Director, and the ABI staff provided never-ending support and encouragement.

On a personal note, I want to acknowledge all of my ABI friends who responded to my calls for assistance and were so unselfish in their contributions to the survey's development and completion. Finally, I would like to offer a special thanks to Marcia L. Steen, of my office, who spent countless hours working with and providing support to me as the survey was transformed from a "mere idea" into today's final report.

Richard M. Meth, Chair
Friedman & Siegelbaum
Roseland, New Jersey

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