Reviews from Previous Attendees:

• “I have served as a mediator for over ten years and during that time I have participated in a variety of courses and even questioned whether at this stage I needed any additional training. However notwithstanding my experience, I found the course to be truly worth my time; the course provided me with some unique opportunities to hone my skills and take my training to a higher level. Whether you are just starting out or looking for something to strengthen your skills, this course will prove invaluable.”

– Leslie Berkoff
Partner and Chair of the Bankruptcy Department
Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP

• “Intense, diverse, organized.”

– Norma M. Caquatto

• “I must say that it was not only rewarding for what we learned but for the team-building we all shared by being such a cohesive, interesting and fraternal group. The rewards of the program far exceeded my expectations not only for the program’s quality but for the quality of individuals I got to know and were reacquainted with.”

– Scott Y. Stuart

• “Mediation is increasingly used—and often required—by courts across the country, especially bankruptcy courts.  By wide acclaim among attendees at last year’s inaugural program that included attorneys, judges and others, this is considered one of the best educational program ever provided by ABI!  It is invaluable for experienced mediators, professionals planning to add mediation services to their offerings, as well as those who participate in mediations representing clients.”

- Howard Brod Brownstein, CTP


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