ABI and St. John's University School of Law
Second Annual Forty-Hour Bankruptcy Mediation Training

St. John's University
**NEW LOCATION**- St. Johnís Queens Campus

December 4-8, 2012

ABI and St. John's are Leaders in Bankruptcy Educational and ADR Programs

*Participants are required to attend the entire forty hours of training. If you cannot attend all forty hours, please defer registration for a future program.

The ABI/St. John’s Bankruptcy Mediation Training is a collaboration among three leaders in the field of bankruptcy education and mediation training: ABI, St. John’s Center for Bankruptcy Studies, and St. John's Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution. ABI is the nation’s leading provider of quality bankruptcy educational programs. St. John’s Center for Bankruptcy Studies offers the nation's premier bankruptcy program featuring the only LL.M. in Bankruptcy. Together, ABI and St. John’s publish the American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review, with a circulation of approximately 11,000. The Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution, a leader in the field of dispute resolution, now joins this successful collaboration to develop this bankruptcy mediation training program. The Carey Center offers a wide range of dispute-resolution programs, training both students and practitioners in the values and skills of dispute resolution.

The Gold Standard of Bankruptcy Mediation Training

The ABI/St. John’s Bankruptcy Mediation Training is designed to educate mediators about the theory, skills and specific practice challenges of bankruptcy mediation. Guided by a distinguished advisory board of nationally respected bankruptcy jurists, practitioners and mediators, the ABI/St. John’s Mediation Training teaches the critical skills that are requisites for bankruptcy mediators. Our training faculty includes leaders in the field of mediation and bankruptcy. Lectures, exercises and simulations focus solely on bankruptcy conflicts.

Beyond the core skills that are essential for good mediators, participants will also learn about such specialized bankruptcy issues inherent in bankruptcy mediations, including:
* Understanding the Anatomy of a Successful Bankruptcy Mediation
* Maximizing Pre-Mediation Opportunities
* Managing the Multi-Party Dynamics of Bankruptcy Mediation
* Analyzing Impasses in Bankruptcy and Applying Impasse-Breaking Skills
* Mediating Valuation Conflicts without Having the Mediator Evaluate
* Distinguishing Between Writing Mediation Summaries and Drafting Agreements
* Defining Bankruptcy Mediation Ethics within a Collegial Bankruptcy Community
* Maintaining Momentum and Ensuring Continuity in Multi-Session Mediations

During the 40 hours of this highly interactive four-day training, participants will develop an understanding of the practice of bankruptcy mediation through a combination of lectures, videos, demonstrations and supervised simulations. At the conclusion of the training, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion* of ABI/St. John’s Bankruptcy Mediation Training, the Gold Standard of Bankruptcy Mediation Training. Participants will also receive a DVD of themselves in action during a mock mediation. As an added bonus, the training qualifies for continuing legal education credit.

*In order to register, participants are required to commit to attending the entire forty hours of training.

Why Bankruptcy Mediation Training?
Bankruptcy judges, lawyers and financial advisors have a long-held and respected reputation of competently assessing the bottom line and settling their cases. However, despite bankruptcy professionals’ best efforts, sometimes cases are unable to be settled. For those cases, mediation can be the appropriate forum. Increasingly, bankruptcy courts are using mediation as a valuable adjunct to their case management to help resolve issues that even the most skilled bankruptcy professionals are unable to resolve. Consequently, there is a growing need for trained bankruptcy mediators.

Who Should Attend?
Bankruptcy Judges, Lawyers, Financial Advisors and Mediators Who Want to Learn about Bankruptcy Mediation.
If you are a bankruptcy judge, lawyer or financial professional who is interested in applying your bankruptcy expertise, learning more about bankruptcy mediation and possibly becoming a bankruptcy mediator, or if you are already a mediator and would like to expand your skills into bankruptcy mediation, this training is for you.


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