ABI Bankruptcy Reform Study Project - National Symposia Series

About the Symposia

Symposium I
Defining Success in Business Bankruptcy
May 1995

Symposium II
Should the Automatic Stay Be Abolished?
June 1995

Symposium III
The Biased Business of Venue Shopping
July 1995

Symposium IV
Professional Compensation: Does Bankruptcy Cost Too Much?
September 1995

Symposium V
Administrative Oversight in the Bankruptcy System: Who Should Guard the Hen House?
September 1995

Symposium VI
Exclusivity and DIP Management: Too Much Debtor Control?
October 1995

Symposium VII
Labor Unions and Bankruptcy: Too Much Leverage?
December 1995

Symposium VIII
How Consensual Workouts Are Shaped by Business Bankruptcy
January 1996

Symposium IX
The Impact of Bankruptcy on Free Market Competition
April 1996

National Association of Attorneys General Symposium
Government Issues in Bankruptcy Reform
February 1996