American Bankruptcy Institute

Here, you may view graphs of bankruptcy filings from 2001 forward broken down by circuit, chapter and type. For example, for any particular circuit or combination thereof and for any particular year or combination thereof within the period, you may view the filing statistics for any of seven categories: consumer chapter 7 cases; business chapter 7 cases; consumer chapter 11 cases; business chapter 11 cases; chapter 12 cases; consumer chapter 13 cases; or business chapter 13 cases. You may also view the information for all circuits at once, which the graphs show by default upon first entering the section. The top graph shows the information by state within each circuit. The graph on the bottom left shows the information only by circuit, and the graph on the bottom right shows all circuits at once on a map of the United States, indicating the volume of filings within each circuit. In this section, the circuit interactive feature allows you to select one, some or all circuits.

Bankruptcy Statistics, By Circuit
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