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Interactive Chart General Instructions

Welcome to the American Bankruptcy Institute's interactive bankruptcy statistics Website! Based upon public statistical information from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, ABI has created interactive charts, graphs and other easy-to-use tools which allow members, the public, the press, economists and any interested persons to gather statistical information on bankruptcy filings from 1980 forward. Depending on which of the sections of the Website you are using, you may research filings by chapter of the Bankruptcy Code (7, 11, 12 or 13), type (consumer or business), state or some combination thereof, district or some combination thereof, federal circuit or some combination thereof, year or quarter or some combination thereof, and by the virtually unlimited various combinations of any given number of these factors.

Each section of the Website has similar types of interactive features. In the sections with information by state, you may click on a state in the column on the right to study a particular state. You may use the control feature when you click to study two or more states at the same time, and you may click the word “state” or “revert” at the bottom to return to the original viewing of all states at once. These interactive features work similarly with the graphs based upon districts and circuits. You may use the year bar in any section to limit your search to a particular time period. You may also click directly on the graphs to view the information for a particular year. You may use a button at the bottom of the page to change the mouse clicking feature to a panning or zooming feature on the graphs. Also from buttons at the bottom, you may generate data from the graphs, exclude certain categories, change the ordering of the data (ascending or descending), convert information to a PDF document or Excel chart, or create an image.

Help & Reproduction Information

If you need any assistance using this Website and its features, please email John Hartgen at Also, if you would like to reproduce this information in electronic or written format, please email such a request to Mr. Hartgen stating how you will use the data (email, web posting, written copies, etc.), the recipients of the information (who and how many) and any other relevant information. In the request to Mr. Hartgen, you must describe how you will attribute the information to the American Bankruptcy Institute visibly and prominently. Mr. Hartgen will respond to the request as promptly as possible. After you receive permission and upon reproduction, you must provide Mr. Hartgen with a copy of your distribution or electronic access to it.

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