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  • Check out the new ABI World to view the Bankruptcy Litigation Committee section. The new “committees” area of the web site allocates space for each ABI committee. From the home page, click on “About ABI” and then “Committees” to see all of ABI’s committees. In the left-hand navigation in blue, click on “Bankruptcy Litigation.”

    Once you click on the Bankruptcy Litigation Committee, you will notice that the left-hand navigation in blue has changed again. Within the main page, you will see a listing of the committee chairs, the committee listserves (where you can join or view the Bankrutpcy Litigation Committee listserve) and agendas for any upcoming meetings of the Bankruptcy Litigation Committee. In the left-hand navigation you will note that beneath “Bankruptcy Litigation” there are three new options: Minutes, Newsletter and Educational Materials. The “Minutes” page will provide minutes from past Bankruptcy Litigation Committee meetings. The “Newsletter” page will provide an archive of all back issues of the Bankruptcy Litigation electronic newsletter. The “Educational Materials” page provides educational materials from past conferences that address asset sale issues.

  • Two new reports are available at ABI World:
  • Looking for a new employee or searching for a new job? Check out the new ABI Career Center—the one-stop site for job seekers and employers in the insolvency community. Stop by to set up your personal profile or search the available positions (over 120 on average). Employers are invited to post free job listings and search the job-seeker database for possible candidates.
  • Check out the latest Collier Case Update offered at ABI World. Case summaries are available to ABI members.
  • The latest edition of the West Bankruptcy Newsletter is now available. Provided by West Group, the newsletter is a weekly update on bankruptcy and debtor/creditor matters.
  • There are two articles of interest in the September issue of the Online ABI Journal: