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The Need for Uniform Bankruptcy Legal Ethics Provisions

by Shane Johnson
University of Texas School of Law; Austin, Texas

Editor's note: The ABI National Ethics Task Force was formed by ABI President Geoff Berman in 2011. The mission of the Task Force is to consider ethics issues in bankruptcy practice and make recommendations for uniform standards where appropriate.

Courts have struggled to develop consistent case law for attorney representations of a debtor in possession (DIP) because of the DIP’s unique status within bankruptcy law.[1] In particular, courts have held the DIP’s counsel acts for the benefit of itself, equityholders and creditors[2] because the attorney represents the client’s bankrupt estate and not the client in its individual capacity.[3]

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Does § 1129(a)(10) Impose a Per Debtor or Per Plan Requirement?

by Shane G. Ramsey
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP; Atlanta

Matthew R. Hindman
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP; Atlanta

In In re Tribune Co.,[1] the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware considered, among other confirmation issues, whether under § 1129(a)(10) of the Bankruptcy Code, a multi-debtor plan must be accepted by at least one impaired class for each debtor (i.e., does § 1129(a)(10) evidence a per debtor or per plan requirement?).

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Exploring the Limits of the In Pari Delicto Defense

by Clarissa M. Raney
Holland & Hart LLP; Denver

In pari delicto stands for the proposition that in a case of mutual fault, the position of the defending party is the better one.[1] The doctrine is “grounded on two premises: first, that courts should not lend their good offices to mediating disputes among wrongdoers; and second, that denying judicial relief to an admitted wrongdoer is an effective means of deterring illegality.”[2] As a result, a plaintiff’s recovery may be barred by his or her own wrongful conduct.[3]

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Courts Critical of Critical-Vendor Motions

by Veronique A. Urban
Farrell Fritz, P.C.; Uniondale, New York

The recent decision by Eastman Kodak Company to reschedule the hearing on its critical vendor motion provides a good reminder to bankruptcy practitioners that such motions are not treated lightly by bankruptcy judges.[1] At its core, the Bankruptcy Code strives to ensure that all creditors that are similarly situated are treated equally. The Code accomplishes this, in part, by providing a specific priority scheme for the payment of creditor claims. Such scheme establishes the basic principle that, upon the commencement of a bankruptcy case, a debtor may not make any payments to creditors on account of pre-petition debts without a bankruptcy court order authorizing such payment, unless such payments are made as a result of a confirmed plan.

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