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The ABI National
Symposia Series
Report on the State of the American Bankruptcy System

Conducted in 1996, the survey that forms the basis for this report queried more than one quarter of the ABI's membership, which includes attorneys, accountants, academics, judges, trustees, lenders, credit managers, turnaround consultants and several other types of bankruptcy professionals on a variety of aspects related to the present bankruptcy system in the United States.

Report from the ABI Consumer Bankruptcy Reform Forum

Held in January 1997, the Forum gathered more than 50 bankruptcy professionals from a variety of perspectives to openly discuss numerous aspects of consumer bankruptcy and the dramatic increase in consumer filings over the past two years.

Report on the ABI Preferences Survey

Conducted in 1996 and 1997, the survey of more than 2,500 insolvency professionals, including 1,000 attorneys, accountants and turnaround consultants among the more than 5,300 ABI members; 1,200 credit managers from the National Association of Credit Management; and 300 lenders from the Commercial Finance Association, considered the strengths and weaknesses of the preference laws.

ABI Law Review
Vol. 3, No. 1, Spring 1995
and Vol. 4, No. 1, Spring 1996

With articles devoted specifically to the ABI Bankruptcy Reform Study Project, these two issues of the Law Review are available in ABI On-Line or for puchase from LRP Publications.

  • Defining Success in Business Bankruptcy
    May 1995
  • Should the Automatic Stay be Abolished?
    June 1995
  • The Biased Business of Venue Shopping
    July 1995
  • Professional Compensation:
    Does Bankruptcy Cost Too Much?

    September 1995
  • Administrative Oversight in the Bankruptcy System:
    Who Should Guard the Hen House?

    September 1995
  • Exclusivity and DIP Management:
    Too Much Debtor Control?

    October 1995
  • Labor Unions and Bankruptcy:
    Too Much Leverage?

    December 1995
  • How Consensual Workouts Are Shaped By Business Bankruptcy
    January 1996
  • The Impact of Bankruptcy on Free Market Competition
    April 1996

Each of these publications is available exclusively to ABI members online. Please see the ABI Publications Catalogue for information and prices.